Three Tips for Setting Boundaries

Three Tips for Setting Boundaries

Although it may seem appealing to return to pre-pandemic life, the reality is that we have been learning to adjust to current circumstances. Looking ahead, we are looking at what the future holds for ourselves and our business. We also recognize the value of reflecting back on what has worked and not.

Whether it be the introduction of a hybrid work model, restructuring of businesses to meet the needs of an e-commerce driven world or an increase in time employees can spend with their families, our way of life today changed in significant ways and will likely stick around in the long-term.

To stay afloat, business leaders and employees had to work twice as hard. Did you find yourself working overtime or being unable to unplug when on vacation? It wasn’t your only problem.

When I reflect on the boundaries I have seen severely disrupted in the past year, there are three key points that I have found to be helpful for reestablishing balance.

Give your team the power to succeed

Everyone has suffered from the pandemic. The pandemic was hard on everyone. Businesses persevered, developed and met unprecedented obstacles to success. Sometimes, owners of small businesses may feel the burden of the entire world upon their shoulders.

Many of these changes pushed us out of our comfort zones. For new tasks, we relied on each other and discovered new strengths in ourselves as well as our team.

Now is the time to remember – we can’t do it alone and prioritize teamwork.

Trusting your employees and giving them the tools to reach their goals will not only give you the opportunity to help your company succeed, but it can also restore balance and allow you to focus on what is important to your business.

You can achieve a greater balance by relying on your team to collaborate to reach business goals.

Communicate and overcommunicate

It is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish between home and work. We are now working harder than ever. This is the new norm but it does not necessarily mean that this should be the best way to do things.

Unquestioned status quo will never change. This is why I reflect on the year past and communicate boundaries in order to achieve balance.

Talk openly and honestly about time and bandwidth. Instead of assuming that everything will be okay, speak up and let your issues be known.

To ensure that team members feel safe and empowered, leaders should regularly check in with them. This is a two-way conversation. These conversations, regardless of whether you are under or above capacity, will ensure that everyone enjoys a satisfying experience. To solve problems, it is essential to communicate them.

Identify Your Non-negotiables

It is not easy to set boundaries. It will happen that work has to take precedence. Flexibility is good, but it’s important to communicate the non-negotiables.

That’s what matters to me. Their needs will never be forgotten and they are my top priority. I am grateful to have a team who understands this.

What is your most important thing? What is more important to you? Being able and willing to leave work to have family dinners, or the ability to disconnect from your computer at 6pm every day? You might need to pick up your kids from school, or you may want to take a short break so that you can exercise. It is important to establish boundaries.

Leaders should be able to set an example. Your team should follow your example. Finding balance is key to productivity and long-term success for your company.

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