Turkey holiday: The main rules for those who wish to drive Warning about the Foreign Office in abroad

Turkey holiday: The main rules for those who wish to drive
Warning about the Foreign Office in abroad

After seven months on the red list, Turkey has finally turned amber meaning double jabbed Britons can holiday in the country without having to quarantine on their return to the UK. There are essential steps that must be taken before hiring a car.

It is important that holidaymakers always have their UK driving licence with them.

If you do not want to apply for IDP, you can submit a notarized form of your driving licence.

The notary public must perform this and it should be translated into Turkish.

The FCDO adds that “provisional driving licenses aren’t recognized.”

They’ll send you either a greencard [but] it could take up to six weeks, or they will tell you how you can download one to print.

Although car rental includes insurance, it’s a good idea to have extra insurance in case of unexpected expenses.

To aid in social distancing, many holidaymakers choose to drive their own car instead of using public transportation.

These are also a great way to travel further while you’re on vacation.

The FCDO cautions that those choosing this route should make sure they understand and adhere to the Turkish road rules.

It advises that you take care while driving through Turkey at night.

Slowly approach checkpoints and listen to security staff.

Although roads between major cities tend to be in good condition, they can become difficult in rural or remote areas.

Accidents happen all the time, and are mainly caused by poor driving habits or recklessness.

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