Tyson Fury’s infant was rushed to Tyson Fury’s house. A second round of intensive care

Tyson Fury's infant was rushed to Tyson Fury's house.
A second round of intensive care

Tyson Fury’s wife Paris Fury gave birth to the couple’s sixth child on Sunday, sharing the news on social media. After Athena was born today, the boxer asked fans for prayers for her.

He shared candid photos of the 32-year old’s new baby, which he had laid in an incubator and was connected to several wires.

After Tyson had explained to Athena that she required immediate medical attention after her birth, it was necessary for Tyson to take Tyson into ICU.

After being stable, the baby was removed from ventilator.

In view of his nearly 4.4 million followers, the champion boxer now has an update.

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In an Instagram post, he said: “Please could everyone pray for my little girl who was just born today. Athena Fury was born on 8/8/21. Thank you. God is amazing.”

Athena, their third child, is Venezuela’s 11-year-old Valencia Amber.

The boys include Prince John James (age eight), Prince Tyson II (age four), and Prince Adonis, one year old.

Paris announced in February that her baby was due sometime around August. However, she stated that it was possible that she would go into labor early because of an unidentified medical condition.

After announcing her pregnancy on Loose Women, she stated that “I normally have a condition which makes the babies arrive a little earlier, so it will likely be at the beginning of August. This is better for my health, as the last few weeks can be terrible!”

Recently, the father-of-six revealed to Paris that he would like to have five more children with Paris before Athena arrives.

Tyson explained to the Daily Mail that it all starts with a story no one knows. Paris became my friend when I was 16 and she was 15.

He said, “When it was time for marriage I asked her how many kids she desired.” She replied with 10. She said 10. We’ve now decided to add one more. It’s 11!”

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