Wix introduces a $200 no-code app creator Month

Wix introduces a $200 no-code app creator

Wix today announced the Branded App by Wix product. This allows business owners to create native apps with no code. The publicly-traded company provides tools for people and businesses to manage their online presence, but it’s most well-known for its drag-and-drop website builder. The platform now makes it easy for anybody to create an app, regardless of their programming skills.

Ronny Elkayam (SVP Mobile, AppMarket & Strategic Products, Wix) stated that users came to Wix with the desire to build a native application that was branded with their logo and name. Many of our users come from businesses and they want to project a bigger image than they actually are. These users want to be able to see the native apps of big companies.”

Branded App by Wix costs $200 per month. Users will have to also pay $99 a year to access the App Store and $25 for Google Play. Wix says native mobile apps are a great way to drive sales for businesses. Wix users who already own a Wix site can have their app builter automatically incorporate features from that website. This makes the process easier.

If you are a restaurant and have your online menu set up, it will also show up in the app. It doesn’t have to be configured. Any purchases or any orders from that menu are going to show up in your dashboard,” Elkayam said.

Five million of Wix’s 200 million registered users are paid subscribers. Wix offers the most affordable plan for businesses at $27 per monthly. This includes access to ecommerce tools. Users can also create apps from a basic website, which is limited in functionality and has the Wix logo. The app can be customized by business owners to include product pages, book services, groups and forums, chat functions and push notifications. Wix automatically updates users’ apps so they are compatible with latest iOS and Android versions.

A competitor in the no-code app building space, Bubble charges between $29 and $529 per month, with a free plan for users to learn how to use the product and develop their app. However, Bubble’s app offerings are web-based while Wix apps can be downloaded directly from Google Play and the App Store.

Wix saw 31 million users in 2020 — Elkayam stated that Wix’s growth was higher under conditions like the coronavirus pandemic. Tomorrow will be the announcement of Q2 earnings. In Q1, revenue was $304 million, an increase of 41% over year.

Wix has now made Branded app available for all users after beta testing it with hundreds of people. Sign up for the temporary presale to receive 50% off your product for the rest of your life.

Publiated at Tue 10 Aug 2021, 12:33.56 (+0000).

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