Apex Legends dev departs Respawn after old blog posts

Apex Legends dev departs Respawn after old blog posts Resurface

One of Apex Legends’ senior developers has left Respawn Entertainment after previous “racist and sexist” comments on a blog in 2007 resurfaced last month. Daniel Klein, the former lead game designer for Respawn Entertainment confirmed on Twitter that the studio fired him on August 6. He previously apologized in another tweet last month.

Klein tweeted, “You might or may not have heard the terrible, racist things that I said in 2007”. I agree wholeheartedly that this guy should be fired. Since then I have put so much effort into being a better person. Right now, I feel very sad because I don’t know how to be the same person I used to be. Although I didn’t believe any of these things deeply, I was aware that I would get an emotional reaction from people. This does not excuse what I said. The impact of my words had the same effect regardless of whether I believed them or not.

Klein mentions also that his personal growth was possible because of the people around, stating that this recent series of events may have a purpose, if it aids someone else in the same situation.

He states, “Again to clarify, I’m no saying EA and Respawn did anything unethical.” They were perfectly within their rights and allowed me to be terminated, despite my disagreement with the decision.

Klein also apologised for his comments in a separate string of tweets last month, saying that he took “full ownership” over what was said and that he hoped it was obvious he didn’t believe those things anymore. Respawn’s director of communications also commented on the remarks, saying: “I don’t think anything from 2007 reflects on a person in 2021. The world changes.

We have reached out to EA/Respawn for comments and will update the story when we get back.

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