August 31: How to Listen & Lead with

August 31: How to Listen & Lead with Scope

What is the secret to GoFundMe’s huge success? How has it become the largest crowdfunding site in the world? Come join us to learn more from Tim Cadogen, CEO of GoFundMe. Register Now!

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In the next episode of Comparably and Entrepreneur’s Leadership Lessons series, host Jason Nazar speaks to CEO Tim Cadogen of GoFundMe — the world’s largest online crowdfunding platform. The internet’s most popular take-action button, “Start A GoFundMe”, is part of our everyday vocabulary with one donation every second. The GoFundMe community empowers people to donate and get help for worthy causes. It has collected over $15 billion through more than 200,000,000 donations, from 190 different countries. The company was founded in Redwood City in California in 2010. It is often the heart of humanitarian aid for natural and man-made disasters. GoFundMe was used by users to pay everything, from rent and funeral costs to the COVID-19 crises of 2020. The webinar will discuss the Rise of TIME100’s Most Influential Businesses of 2021, and Cadogen’s most important leadership lessons including:

Leadership with purpose
– Accepting help is normal
How to be a leader: Listen, Write and Co-Edit
– Why taking care of employees should be core to your business
– Reaffirming kindness and giving back by promoting kindness

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Information about the Speakers

In March 2020, Tim Cadogen was appointed CEO of GoFundMe to help accelerate GoFundMe’s goal to change the way the world gifts. OpenX was the pioneer in programmatic advertising technology. He led Yahoo’s advertising and search businesses. Before joining Yahoo!, he worked as VP Search at Overture. He also served as a consultant at McKinsey and The Boston Consulting Group. Tim holds a BSe degree from London School of Economics and an MPhil at Oxford University. He also has an MBA from Stanford University.

Jason Nazar, co-founder/CEO at Comparably is a leader in workplace culture platforms. A serial entrepreneur and investor, Jason is also an advisor. He was previously the co-founder/CEO at Docstoc, which was acquired by Intuit. Jason was an LA Business Journal “Most Admired CEOs”, and was also named “Entrepreneur-in-Residence for the City Los Angeles” in 2016-2018. He holds a Pepperdine University MBA/JD.

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