Before setting off, caravan drivers need to be familiar with the speed limits
This summer

Before setting off, caravan drivers need to be familiar with the speed limits This summer

Holidaymakers have almost no restrictions on their freedom to travel the UK during summer. Both leisure and staycations have been enjoying a surge in popularity.

Motorhomes and caravans can travel at the same speed as cars, except that they weigh more than 3.05 tons unladen.

This will mean that motorists are subject to the same restrictions as those who tow caravans.

The Government recommends that drivers ensure the correct coupling of their trailer to the pin or towball before setting out this summer.

Also, holidaymakers need to ensure that the coupling height and the plug and seven- or thirteen core cables are correct.

The manual also recommends that drivers use breakaway cables or secondary coupling to stop caravans from becoming detached from their cars.

You should also make sure that both your caravan and car have working lights and tyres.

Drivers who have passed the car driving exam before 1996 can drive up to 8.25 tons – at most until they turn 70 .

The maximum weight limit for those who have passed the test after January 1, 1997 is 3.5 tonnes. To legally drive heavier vehicles, you will need to pass another test.

A number plate must be attached to the rear of your caravan. It should show the registration plate.

You should make sure it is clear, and that the standard standards are met.

A caravan unit must have good vision. Extension mirrors are the best choice.

It can indicate that your caravan has been loaded improperly or is traveling too quickly if it starts to swerve or snake.

You should gradually reduce your speed and not brake. The engine will braking can slow the car down.

Camping and Caravanning Club advise that corners be taken wider and brakes should be applied before turning.

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