Call of Duty Cold War patch notes - Black Ops Season 5, Warzone Update secrets unveiled

Call of Duty Cold War patch notes – Black Ops Season 5, Warzone Update secrets unveiled

Having delayed everything by a day, it won’t be long before Black Ops fans can jump into Call of Duty Cold War Season 5.

Treyarch’s latest expansion includes four new weapons and five multiplayer maps that can be mastered on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

This is all without even mentioning new Zombies content, which includes new perks and challenges.

Call of Duty Warzone, which will launch Season 5, will benefit as well from having the same weapons, Battle Pass and new map features, and an event that has been long rumoured.

There will be many background changes, some of which may not get as much attention.

Despite the fact that there is less talk about bugs being fixed, gamers want to be informed about weapon modifications.

Treyarch makes use of the beginning of each season to refine the weapons available. Some are nerfed while others are buffed.

Season 5 is no exception. Today’s Cold War Season 5 Patch Notes confirm everything being done in this department. Some of the subtle changes in item stats will take some time to fully sink in.

Treyarch confirmed with the launch of Season Five that tuning adjustments will be made to several assault rifles and two SMGs as well as all Dual Wield pistols. They include the XM4, QBZ83, FFAR 1, Groza FARA 83 and all Dual Wield pistols.

Assault Rifles will see a decrease in the Suppressor attachment bullet velocity penalties for all ARs. This allows them to focus more on potential damage at long distances. The following stats have been updated:

  • Agent Suppressor Attachment Reduced Bullet Velocity Penalty from -30% – -15%
  • Bullet Velocity penalties on Attachment to Suppressors are reduced from -15% – -8.

Treyarch made some adjustments to the XM4 gun to improve its handling during Season 5.

The XM4 is a popular weapon and has seen a lot of use from both experts as well as less-experienced players. We’ve updated attachments to make them more accessible to all players. To find their sweet spot, players may experiment with different attachment combinations.

FFAR1 will be buff during Season 5, to fit the role as a close-range aggressor. Treyarch confirms this in his patch notes.

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