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You don’t have to go to a bookshop or pick up an e-reader in order to discover great literature. These sites offer thousands of audiobooks for free, so if you don’t have the time or desire to read a book in person you can check them out. You’re sure to find the right one!

You might have heard of Loyal Books or Books Should be Free in the past. You can download audiobooks free of charge from the site in a variety genres including romance, science fiction, and historical fiction. Loyal Books titles can be downloaded to an MP3 or Apple Podcasts file, as well as streamed via RSS. This site has content available in 28 languages (from Ancient Greek to Urdu), but not multilingual. The site’s volunteers, as well as those from Project Gutenberg or Librivox (see below), digitize public domain books in order to make them available in the Loyal Books library.

Open Culture is calling for us to be more open-minded. Open Culture offers more than audiobooks. It also provides educational and cultural media for free to anyone who wants them. Online courses can be found on topics ranging from philosophy to economics and demography, guided meditations and textbooks. You can listen to selected selections via free MP3 downloads, streaming, iTunes, and podcast downloads. Open Culture relies on donations.

Digitalbook is powered by Amazon and offers many titles and genres. It also looks great doing so. Unlike other sites, its design is clean and simple. You can listen to many audiobooks as podcasts. This allows you to access the content on your iPhone using the Apple Podcasts App. Digital Books also has a trending list of books that you can use to get suggestions from other audiobook readers.

This is only a fraction of the number of books you can access through the free audiobook sites listed.
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Overdrive allows users to access free audiobooks, and encourages them explore local libraries. The site also partners with schools and libraries in order to make its audiobooks available to all. The apps, Libby (available on the App Store), allow for collaboration between libraries and schools. Libby teaches users how to obtain a library card to link them to their local library where Overdrive has audiobooks. Sora uses student logins to give student access to Overdrive audiobooks at their school library. The partnerships that Overdrive has with media and publishing companies are what fuel its success. Audiobooks can also be downloaded through these apps.

Of course LibriVox grants its users with free audiobooks, but it also takes the process one step further: Because the site’s free audiobooks are made possible by volunteer readers, you can volunteer your voice — and dramatic reading skills — to help LibriVox expand its library. LibriVox is looking for volunteers to record public domain books or publications before 1923. No auditions or previous recording experience are required. Your love for audiobooks can be turned into an opportunity to help the public domain. You will even get to record your voice! You can download audiobooks from LibriVox to your computer, phone, or CD-ROM.

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Lit2Go is a site that focuses exclusively on classics, as indicated by the name. Lit2Go is a site that focuses on the classics. Lit2Go boasts compilations of Emily Dickinson’s work, poetry found on vintage scenic postcards from Florida, and much of Paul Laurence Dunbar’s finest writing (just to name a few). Lit2Go invites users to support literacy by donating, and its collection is available in mp3 format.

Project Gutenberg is the first online digital library and has worked tirelessly to preserve as many books possible ever since it was founded in 1971. Over 60,000 ebooks are available as free mp3 downloads on the site’s catalogue. That number was made possible by the site’s practice of approving 99% of the requests it receives to turn books into audiobooks or ebooks. Project Gutenberg is similar to LibriVox. It asks for readers’ voices to be donated if they are able. The site houses an audiobook library that is computer-read and volunteers can contribute their voices. If you’ve got a book you’d like digitized that Project Gutenberg doesn’t already have in their catalog, send them an email. Otherwise, the organization is powered by donations.

The audiobook archive, a registered non-profit, compiles many libraries not on the list. Archive not only houses LibriVox’s and Project Gutenberg’s catalogues but also grants access to the Naropa Poetics Audio Archive and Maria Lectrix Internet Archive. Archive allows you to search all five of these catalogs individually instead of going to each one. Archive doesn’t only handle audiobooks, web pages, images, and software programs, it also offers free audio access to over 200,000 live concerts. The audio files on Archive can be streamed directly from the site. Archive offers many ways to get involved: you can donate, volunteer at their events, and there are career opportunities on their site.

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StoryNory offers audiobooks of fairytales and poems as well as music and songs. This includes classic narratives by authors like Dickens and Carroll as well as myths and stories from other cultures such As the Brothers Grimm and Aesop and Charles Perrault. StoryNory can be used by parents to entertain their children or to read to them as a bedtime story. You can stream selected books from the website, thanks to Patreon supporters.

Thought Audio prides itself on providing the gift of knowledge through free audiobook versions of classic titles, philosophic works, biblical excerpts, and prayers. You can find ancient wisdom of multiple religions on the site. Tune in and discover new truths. Thought Audio relies on donations and volunteers to read audiobooks. You can stream the site or download its material to your computer.

Did you know that every streaming site has an audiobooks playlist! Even though it isn’t as extensive as the other collections, audiobooks can be found if you have already downloaded the app. Each of the 122 songs in this playlist, “Audiobooks”, is actually part or a book. The audiobooks playlist is free, just like Spotify’s music. As long as you’re not averse to ad breaks, it doesn’t cost anything. Spotify Premium is required to listen to audiobooks in any order.

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