EE customers now have Netflix access for free - but that's not all

EE customers now have Netflix access for free – but that’s not all All

The growth of mobile video streaming is astounding over the past year. It’s also growing faster as people get more active and the lockdown lifted. According to EE customers streamed 1.3 Million more HD videos in July than May.

The mobile network offers a host of benefits to customers who sign up for its Smart or Full Works Plans. This will allow them to binge watch endless hours of video content.

EE already offers Smart benefits that include Apple Music, BT Sports and roaming abroad. There is also a video data pass which allows users to watch videos without data. It now offers Netflix as an option.

Netflix Basic plans are available for customers who select Netflix as their benefit. This plan is worth PS5.99 and allows you to watch standard-definition movies on one device. You can upgrade your PS4 to the Standard plan for HD streaming and downloading to up to 2 devices. For PS8 additional, you will receive a Premium plan that includes UHD content access and unlimited access to 4 devices.

It gets even better for Android customers. Previously, only Apple customers could access EE’s Full Works plan which gives them three Smart benefits. This plan is now available to Android customers, allowing them free subscriptions for Netflix, Apple Music, and BT Sport – a savings of over PS25 per year.

Have you already signed up for Netflix? You don’t have to be worried – EE guarantees that the set up will be seamless and you can keep your current account.

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Haron Meadows is Director of Propositions at EE. He said that EE strives to provide the best customer experience possible through its award-winning network. For this reason, he also seeks out partnerships with some of the most innovative businesses in the world.

Customers will be able access more high-quality video content than any other network by joining forces with Netflix. Customers with Android smartphones will also be able to access the best of EE’s Full Works plan .”

These deals will be available on EE’s site, in shops and telesales starting today. Customers who sign up for Smart Plans can select one benefit while Full Works customers will receive three.

EE has been the only UK major network to include a Netflix subscription in its plans. Vodafone discounts are available on local shops and restaurants, and O2 bundles offer Amazon Music, Prime Video and Audible subscriptions.

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