Expedia Group presses for a full office return January 20,22

Inside Expedia Group’s Seattle HQ prior to its 2019 move into its new space. (GeekWire Photo / Kurt Schlosser)

It is beginning to look more like a trend. Expedia Group (based in Seattle) has informed employees it will delay a complete return to work until the early part of next year.

Expedia’s decision follows a similar announcement from Amazon last week. Microsoft, Google and Apple have all delayed their return to work, although this is temporary. Many in the sector are currently focusing on October.

Expedia stated in a statement that “Due to changing circumstances regarding COVID-19,” they now target a broad return of the office in January 2022 on a mixed basis, depending on guidance from local government and health authorities.” We are committed to the well-being and safety of our employees.

The company said that its offices remain open to anyone who is able, while maintaining safety standards and flexibility.

The company states that all visitors and employees who visit its U.S. office must be immunized. Expedia spokeswoman said that Expedia has employees across 55 countries. Expedia will be continuing to assess the U.S. situation and may consider a similar approach as soon as vaccines are available and local laws permit.

Expedia Group also includes brands like vrbo and Hotwire as well as the Expedia.com flagship.

The company moved to a spacious headquarters on the downtown Seattle waterfront from its longtime home in downtown Bellevue, Wash., in 2019.

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