Fly with Jet2, easyJet and TUI.
Travel rules being changed

Fly with Jet2, easyJet and TUI. Travel rules being changed

Hopeful holidaymakers could find themselves confused by rapidly changing travel restrictions. TUI, Ryanair, Jet2 and easyJet have been able increase capacity for flights to hot holiday destinations due to the relaxed of many rules.


Jet2 now operates a variety of flights that are in compliance with the Government’s traffic lights system.

The Leeds-based airline has created its “Traffic Light Update” to assist passengers in better understanding rules.

Jet2 explains that the UK Government has taken the pledge to review the Traffic Light status of foreign destinations once every three weeks.

“Our last review was on August 6, 2021. We expect that the next UK Government Review will be around August 26, 2021. So we’ll revise again to align with that.”

On its website, the airline gives a complete breakdown as to which destinations it has on the red or amber list.

It is important for holidaymakers who plan to fly to keep abreast of changes in regulations, both at home and abroad.

The airline advises that COVID-19 testing should not be arranged until you are closer to the time of your travel. This is because travel requirements can vary from one country to another.

“The travel type that is accepted depends on where you are going to/from.”

Jet2 offers a variety of testing services, including Collinson, Randox and other discount codes to Jet2 customers.

A list of testing areas is also available at all its airports.

The airline states that you are free to search for testing suppliers and is responsible to ensure you are satisfied with your purchases.

You must have the right testing to meet the requirements for travel from the UK as well as abroad.

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EasyJet has increased its flight capacity over the past months in accordance with the Government’s traffic lights system. This is to make it easier for holidaymakers to understand restrictions placed on certain destinations.

As planned, flights to countries on the green list are being made.

The Luton-based carrier explained that you will need to book a “test package” before booking a holiday with one of the approved providers.

Customers who have booked to travel to green-watchlisted destinations will have the option to cancel or change their reservation up to 28 days prior to departure.

Customers will have the opportunity to change their destination from the green/green watchlist before they depart, or cancel with easyJet holiday credit.

If passengers feel “happy to travel”, holidays to countries on the amber list are possible.

EasyJet states that “while you’re on holiday, all persons over 10 years old will have to undergo an antigen (rapidflow) test in the three days prior to your return flight home.”

Everyone over four years old must take a PCR test upon arrival.

Customers are eligible for a complete refund if they cancel red list holidays

EasyJet offers detailed information about testing requirements and a listing of testing providers for pre-return, travel, and day two.

They include Randox and Collinson.

The airline warns that while we have helped you to find several options, these services were provided by third-party accredited providers and are not EasyJet holidays.

If you choose to buy any Covid Testing Services, then the terms and conditions of that service provider will apply.

We aren’t advertising Covid Testing Services as a Travel Service or as part Of An EasyJet Holiday. Also, we don’t have any responsibility for the timeliness and quality of the services.

We cannot stress enough the importance of having appropriate travel insurance to cover your needs.


TUI’s holiday and flight capacity has increased as travel restrictions have decreased.

Customers can still rely on the airline’s “Holiday Promise” to protect them from any sudden Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office changes or other restrictions.

All customers impacted by the hurricane will see their vacation cancelled. They will also receive a complete refund.

The airline adds, “To provide continued flexibility and reassurance we have extended our fee free changes policy to October for package holiday customers, flight-only, and accommodation-only customers.”

Customers are encouraged to check the regulations before booking flights and holidays to destinations on the green or amber list.

TUI states that it depends on where you are going to be traveling to whether you have to fill out forms or get tested before your holiday.

The statement adds, “We are doing all we can make testing as simple and inexpensive as possible for your convenience.”

TUI and Chronomics have partnered up to provide testing for all customers who book package holidays.

According to the airline, the prices start at PS20 per head with return and delivery costs included.

You can purchase holiday tests up to the end October.

TUI offers similar packages to customers who are package vacationers with Klarity and Screen4 as well.


Ryanair continued flying throughout the pandemic, but it has increased its capacity over recent months.

Customers are advised to review the applicable travel rules of their destination prior to departing.

The website of the Irish airline states that travel restrictions are constantly changing. Unfortunately, customer service agents can’t help with questions about particular restrictions at destination. You will have to do your own research.”

It is the responsibility of each customer to make sure they have all necessary documentation. Failure to comply with this requirement could result in denial of boarding.

The airline’s website lists a number of test providers near each hub in the UK.

Randox has also been a partner of Ryanair to offer discount codes on both amber and green travel packages as well as pre-departure home test kits.

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