George Harrison, The Beatles: "I'm no Beatle anymore" after the last tour

George Harrison, The Beatles: “I’m no Beatle anymore” after the last tour

After The Beatles‘ popularity exploded in the early 1960s their Beatlemania expanded to America. To keep up with the demand, the Beatles began booking stadium tours in order to sell tickets. However, it proved to be a disaster. Their sound was terrible because of the sheer size of these stadiums. On August 11, 1955, the band started their last concert tour.

On August 29, Candlestick Park, San Francisco, California hosted the final concert on the tour.

An audience of over 25,000 people was entertained by the band, and they even invited an orchestra.

In total, the Fab Four performed 11 songs. After their guitars stopped playing, they got in an armored car to transport them to Los Angeles.

While on the flight George Harrison told his bandmates: “That’s it, then. “I’m no longer a Beatle.”

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Harrison was the first Beatles member to “tire”.

Later, he said that the band had been through every race-riot and in every city they visited there was some sort of a jam and police control and people threatening violence… [us] being restricted to a small room, a plane, or a vehicle.

“We had one another to ease stress and our sense of humor was important…But there came a time when enough was enough.”

Speaking out about this time period in The Beatles: Anthology, Ringo Starr said: “It was coming to the end for me. No one was paying attention to the shows. This was fine at first, but now we are playing very badly.”

They had other problems on their tour, too.

On August 14th, the band was hounded by over 2,000 people who broke into security as they played.

It took place at Cleveland’s Municipal Stadium. The band performed to over 30,000 people, prompting them stop and take refuge backstage.

The band returned to their performances after a half hour break and sang their brief set.

Although they never again performed at a concert, The Beatles did still perform together.

1969 saw the Fab Four team up for one final time to perform together on the roof of Apple Corps.

Ringo said that there was an idea to perform live. We wondered where to go. “Oh, the Palladium and the Sahara.” We would have to carry all that stuff so we said, “Let’s go up on top.”


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