IKEA seeks 10 entrepreneurs for financing Mentoring

As service providers, IKEA Mexico could integrate stronger projects into its value chain. Call for entries will remain open through August 30,

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Are you a business owner who is looking to make a difference in the community? IKEA Mexico is looking for you to give you mentoring and financing.

In collaboration with IKEA Social Entrepreneurship, and New Ventures, the Swedish company presented Mexico Accelerator Program 2020, where 10 startups will be accelerated that make a positive social or environmental impression through a product or service.

The second edition of this program is designed to help Mexicans with a strong commitment to their country. It also aims to create a positive change in the environment by implementing the most effective social, environmental and labor practices. These trainings are designed to help the company develop its different business models and allow it to be included in the IKEA value-chain.

Our vision is to make everyday life easier for most people. New Ventures is our partner because we believe that innovation and entrepreneurship are essential to change any environment. This includes creating and developing projects that have a positive impact on the local community. IKEA is looking for businesses that can make a difference in communities and improve the environment. Projects that challenge us to envision a future and present for Mexico are what we’re interested in, said Malcolm Pruys (country manager, IKEA Mexico).

IKEA Social Entrepreneurship and IKEA Mexico will work together to create scalable jobs opportunities that are fair and quality. The IKEA Mexico Value Chain could include the best projects. They will also have the chance to participate in the Latin American Impact Investment Forum, which is the largest impact investor forum in Latin America.

Learn more about the call on the official page.

Publiated at Wed. 11 August 2021, 17:49.12 (+0000).

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