Karl Stefanovic is handsome in his throwback photographs Teenage years

You are destined to become a superstar! Karl Stefanovic is very handsome as seen in his throwback photographs from his teenage years. He celebrates his 47th Birthday.

One of Australia’s most well-known television hosts, he’s a household name.

But Karl Stefanovic looked very different during his teenage years, as demonstrated by a series of throwback photos the Today show shared to Instagram on Thursday.

The Nine broadcast posted photos of Karl in his youth to celebrate Karl’s 47th Birthday.

You are destined to become a superstar! Karl Stefanovic is very handsome looking in throwback photographs from his teenage years. He celebrated his 47th Birthday on Thursday.

Karl showed a glance of his chest as he took a Christmas Day photo with his family.

A young Karl smiles in front of the camera during one of his first headshots as a professional photographer at the beginning of his television career.

He wassubjected during Thursday’s Today program to early morning roasting by politician Jacqui Lambie.

Two-GB broadcaster Chris Smith and Lambie took shots at Karl during a panel discussion. They mocked Karl’s weight and “love handles” on the air.

Throwback: In one photo, a young Karl smiles for the camera at the start of his TV career

Throwback: One photo shows Karl smiling for the camera as he begins his television career

It was then that Lambie asked Karl abruptly if it were his birthday.

“It’s his birthday,” confirmed Allison Langdon. This prompted Lambie, who joked, to reply: “Oh, 28 still as hot and as ever!”

Allison responded coyly: “I have a few photos from those days Jacqui,” adding, “So keep tuned.”

Special day: During Thursday's Today show, Karl was subjected to an early-morning roasting

Karl got a special day during Thursday’s Today Show. He was roast to perfection in the early morning.

“Oh, Beautiful,” said the politician before making a vicious jab at Karl’s body by saying, “That was when he didn’t have his love handles!”

Unconcerned Chris interrupted: “How did you learn about Jacqui’s love handles?”

Karl and Allison explained that Karl appeared heavier in a recent photo.

Lambie advised that you should be aware of the cameras.

Low blow: During a panel discussion, politician Jacqui Lambie (left) and 2GB host Chris Smith (right) took potshots at Karl as they mocked his weight and 'love handles' on air

Low blow: Jacqui Lambie, politician (left), and Chris Smith (2GB) mock Karl’s weight and “love handles” on the air during a panel discussion


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