Lord’s is a slow bounce with two spinners, three pacers, and one spinner. “Will be India’s most successful combination,” – Salman Yett

Salman Butt, a former Pakistan captain believes that India should have two spinners against England during the Lord’s test. While uneven bounce will benefit faster men, Lord’s traditionally supports spinners.

India may have to change the XI in Nottingham because Shardul Thakur, pacer, is reportedly hurting his hamstring.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, Butt opined that playing a quality spinner like Ravichandran Ashwin on a responsive surface at Lord’s would be a sensible move. He explained:

We are being told that Shardul Thakur has been declared unfit. Even if that is the case, India can still bring Ravichandran Ashwin to Lord’s if they want two spinners. Lord’s has a lot more uneven bounce on the final day. Even fast bowlers can be affected by uneven bounce. India has Jasprit Bhumrah, Mohammed Siraj and Mohammed Siraj who are both very skilled bouncers.

I haven’t been to the pitch. I have seen matches at Lord’s where India’s top combination is two pacers and three spinners. Spinners are known to have taken quite a lot of wickets at Lord’s. Yasir Shah took 10 wickets when Yasir won the Test. Two spinners are possible, I believe. Salman Butt added that India could choose to play with Ishant Sharma if they feel they can handle four pacers.

India chose to have Ravindra Jadeja, the only spinner in Nottingham. They preferred Thakur over Ashwin. He picked up four wickets during the Test.

Moeen Ali is able to score runs and help improve England’s overrate at Lord’s. Salman Butt

Butt spoke out about Moeen Ali’s inclusion to the England team. He stated that it would strengthen England’s lineup at Lord’s. Moeen will be an excellent addition to the team as a slow bowler, he said. England and India were both docked WTC points due to their slow over-rate at Nottingham.

England can benefit from Moeen Ali’s batting. He’s a skilled spinner. His record in England has been very impressive against India. Zak Crawley scored 25-30 runs. Moeen Ali is capable of scoring more runs than this. Salman Butt stated that both teams were docked 2 points for slow over-rate.

Over-rate can also be important. These points may be crucial as we approach the WTC final. Salman Butt said that spinners at Lord’s will be better and more efficient, so they’re likely to play more overs. This can speed up the game.”

The second Test at Lord’s will be played on Thursday between India and England. After Day 5, the first test ended in a draw.

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