Man Utd "to lose out on millions because of swap deal" in Ole
Gunnar Solskjaer transfer blow

Man Utd “to lose out on millions because of swap deal” in Ole Gunnar Solskjaer transfer blow

Manchester United are primed to miss out on millions because Crystal Palace are open to doing a swap deal that would see Wilfried Zaha leave the club, reports say. Since his departure from the Red Devils in 2015, the Ivory Coast international was at the club. A move from Selhurst Park is possible.

Manchester United has made three new additions this summer to its squad.

Tom Heaton was a free transfer to Aston Villa. The veteran will keep David De Gea (and Tom Heaton) on the right foot in goalkeeping.

Four years after Jose Mourinho tried to get Jadon Sancho in, United paid PS73million for Jadon Sancho.

Raphael Varane, the Real Madrid star is set to become the Red Devils’ third signing of the summer.

In an ideal world United might still sign a few signings prior to the August 31 transfer window closing.

Any further reinforcements must be paid for either by players quitting or club profits from clauses in their contracts.


My brother went up with his family at the beginning, but then he needed to return so that I could be there by myself during all of David Moyes’ period. That was when I started experiencing depression and other issues.

“I could not cook, so I couldn’t even eat properly.”

When you realize you are not playing, you can tell that the team is training. You’re only doing some drills.

I remember that it was me and Kagawa practicing a shooting drill together. You can see that they really don’t care much about you. You won’t even get a look in on the training sessions with the Under23s week after week. “You’re not even getting a peek in.”

Louis van Gaal was also targeted by Zaha.

He said, “Under Van Gaal I recall the Christmas. It was clear that I didn’t want to play, or do anything. But I still got taken.

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You spend Christmas Day with your family, then you go to work in the afternoon. Because I was alone, Christmas came to me by itself.

Doug called me, he was visiting Manchester with his family. Because I didn’t have anyone, I spent Christmas morning with him and his family.

“I went on a journey after that, and I thought I would like to return to my family. But I knew I wasn’t going to play. However, I did travel in the evening and was back in the stands by the morning.

Palace’s star felt the move was too quick for him.

It was the right place at the wrong moment, actually. He said, “I look back now and realize there was nothing more I could do.”

People ask me whether I regret that period. But, no. It was a learning process, and it helped me mentally. I also met amazing players and amazing people. It was a great experience and has helped me become who I am today.

David Moyes refused to let me go on loan to Palace. They just sent me to Cardiff, for reasons I’m not sure.

“I was only a shadow version of me when I went there. I didn’t speak to anybody. “I was not the player I’m now.

So I went to United and added the relegation to my CV. When he returned from the World Cup, where he played Robin van Persie up front and Robben at the back, he basically gave me two choices – either you are a wingback or a striker.

These positions are ones I have never tried before. It’s almost as if I’m going to lose here.

This is the aftermath of David Moyes’s return, and it breaks my heart to see how all this happened. When I return, I find out that I am either a striker (or a wingback). I can’t do either.

With years of experience and playing, I am able to vary my game. I was not skilled with my back towards goal in those days. I don’t know why I am so bad with this. “I remember that I was forced to play striker.

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