MLB Field of Dreams Game TV coverage. Location, uniforms
More information about Yankees vs. White Sox

MLB Field of Dreams Game TV coverage. Location, uniforms More information about Yankees vs. White Sox

It has been built by MLB. The teams, fans and players will soon follow.

The Yankees and White Sox will meet on Thursday in a regular season game in the stadium that was built near the original Field of Dreams field. The game will feature eight thousand spectators, with Iowa’s cornfields behind it.

The White Sox have all but locked up the AL Central with a 98 percent chance to win the division, according to FiveThirtyEight, but they’re still hoping to chase down the Rays for the best record in the American League. After a poor start to their 2021 season, the Yankees are now on a roll and have bought a pair of sluggers before the MLB trade deadline. FiveThirtyEight gives the Yankees a chance to make it into the playoffs at 43 percent.

Sporting News covers all things related to the Field of Dreams Game.

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What is the Field of Dreams Game Game?

  • Datum:Thursday, August 12
  • Time8.30 p.m. ET

At 8:15 p.m., the Field of Dreams Game will take place between the Yankees & White Sox. ET, Thursday August 12. It had been originally scheduled to take place in 2020 between Cardinals and White Sox, but due to several factors including the COVID-19 pandemic it was moved to 2021.

TV coverage of Field of Dreams Game

Fox will provide national TV coverage, and the broadcast unit is set up in a manner similar to the postseason. Joe Buck will provide play-by-play, with John Smoltz providing analysis in the booth. Ken Rosenthal, Tom Verducci and Alex Rodriguez will be reporting from the dugouts. Frank Thomas and David Ortiz will serve as role reporters throughout the game.

There will be plenty of options for streaming, including the option to view it live via Bally Sports, MLB.TV, or fuboTV. The latter offers a free seven-day trial.

Is there a Field of Dreams Game?

  • Locale:Dyersville in Iowa

In Dyersville (Iowa), the Yankees and White Sox will take on each other in Dyersville. The ballpark was built right next to Field of Dreams’ original Field of Dreams. This temporary stadium is capable of holding 8,000 people.

Park design will link the 1919 White Sox with the movie. It will be similar in design to Comiskey Park. There will also be windows that allow you to see the right-field corn field from the outfield. The path that runs through the cornfield connects with the MLB stadium to watch the game.

If you are wondering why this game won’t be played on the real field as shown in the movie, it is because the rules of MLB don’t allow for that. According to, it would not fit typical MLB dimensions and there would be too many baseballs getting lost in the cornfields.

The Field of Dreams website lists the infield as having MLB regulation size basepaths and mound-to-plate distances, but the outfield is 300 feet to left, 350 feet to center and 315 feet to right. Fenway Park is, however, 310 feet away with the Green Monster and 302 to the right, and has a 390-foot separation between home plate and true center.

The ERAs of Andrew Heaney and Lance Lynn, White Sox pitchers, would be astronomical if every unfielded baseball was rolled into the field for a ground rule double or just flew out for a homer.

Field of Dreams Game Uniforms 2021

Yankees Field of Dreams jersey

Although the Yankees may not have been as prominent in the movie’s plot, their jerseys are still a throwback.

New York’s players will wear gray uniforms, with the word “New York” written in a curved pattern across their chests in navy blue letters. It is thinner than today’s modern uniform.

Hats will be adorned with a thicker, white NY in white font against a gray background. This reflects the style of the original hat in 1919.

White Sox Field of Dreams jersey

The uniforms that the White Sox wear will almost match those of Chicago’s 1919 uniforms, as this is the fashion depicted in film.

Chicago will wear white jerseys, with navy blue pinstripes. The large S with O-X at each curve of the letter. The cap does not have a logo, as the caps of that time were made. It will be simply a white cap with navy blue pinstripes.

Only difference between 1919 uniforms and 2021 uniforms will be the Nike Swoosh logo on the right shoulder. Nike was established in 1964 so uniforms in 2021 will not have any logos from them back then.

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