Photo Comparison: BMW iX3 LCI vs PreLCI BMW iX3 - New vs
An Old Version

Photo Comparison: BMW iX3 LCI vs PreLCI BMW iX3 – New vs An Old Version

BMW could not allow its most advanced model in the X3 lineup, even though it was only one year old, to be left without a facelift. The pre-LCI BMW iX3 was a short-lived model and is now gone. This makes way for the new BMW iX3 LCI. The LCI is a cosmetic upgrade that adds a fresh coat of paint to an already new vehicle. The iX3 needs more than a new coat of paint in order to be competitive in the market, but the interior and visual upgrades will make it more appealing.

The new LCI car looks sportier and aggressive from the front. The kidney grille is still there, but the new LCI car’s headlights and front bumper are significantly different. Some people pointed out that the new grille/headlight combo makes the iX3 appear like it is wearing Ray-Bans. Ray-Bans have a great look and I don’t see any problem with it. The front bumper is a bit more aggressive, but it does give the vehicle a newfound sportiness.

In profile, there’s barely anything different about the two cars. It visually looks lower, due to the new side skirt design and its lack of blue stripe. It’s also a less flashy EV, which can be good, depending on whether you like your EVs to be overly shouty about their electrified-ness or you like more understated EVs.

The rear is the same as the standard BMW X3, with very few changes. For the BMW iX3 LCI, the taillights have been updated and are exactly the same as for the standard X3. It’s a three-dimensional sculpture that is quite impressive. It’s also sportier in appearance. The car’s body is unchanged other than this.

There aren’t a great many changes on the inside, as well. The center stack of HVAC buttons is new now, it has BMW’s latest iDrive, and it even uses the same new shifter lever as all other new Bimmers, replacing the old, odd-looking one. Also, BMW replaced the older iDrive system with a newer one.

All in, the new BMW iX3 LCI is a good looking, smart little EV that should sell better than the standard car, due to its improved looks. However, it’s still lacking in the power/range/performance territory. Until it can beef those up, its design changes are what’s going to have to do.

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