Pokemon Masters EX receives Dynamaxing

Pokemon Masters EX receives Dynamaxing

G-Max EX.

Pokemon Masters EX, which will be celebrating its second-year anniversary in February 2019, will give you the opportunity to Dynamax specific Pokemon.

DeNA announced also that Hop, Zamazenta and Sygna Suit Leon as well as Eternatus and Sygna Suit Leon will be available in the game starting today.

Dynamaxing was first introduced in the Pokemon Sword and Shield series. The game mechanic allows Pokemon to increase in size and transform their attacks into powerful Max Moves.

DeNA stated that Max Moves are only available once per battle. You can also get various effects on your status.

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As part of the quality of life improvement efforts, Pokemon Masters EX received many updates in the last year. For the main story, the stamina requirement was dropped. A new filter menu allows players to find sync partners and skip battles.

The final chapter in the story arc of the game was completed at the end July. This has been going on since its launch back in 2019

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