Rainbow Six Siege crystal Guard: When's the next operation?
Coming out, will crossplay be included?

Rainbow Six Siege crystal Guard: When’s the next operation? Coming out, will crossplay be included?

Ubisoft announced Rainbow Six Siege: Crystal Guard as its next operation. Gamers can expect the expansion to arrive in August.

New Year 6 Season 3 Content Update contains exciting new content including an operator pack.

Today’s announcement offered little insight into what was coming and it was very low-key.

The GIF featured a person in glasses wearing crystals and had the caption “The best view is clear.”

It could refer to someone who is able to provide an observational bonus, or perform a block with translucent material.

Gamers expect the next operator will be an attacker with a shield.

Based on leaks recently made, this suggests that a shield character will be added to the game in 2021.

This information is still unconfirmed so it should be taken with caution until Ubisoft shares more details.

R6’s development team is expected to reveal several map changes for Crystal Guard, but not reveal any new maps.

These are part of an older roadmap that was shared with the team. They won’t be changing for the launch the next operation.


Ubisoft did not announce a date for the next major Rainbow Six Siege update. We can see that Rainbow Six Siege Operation Crystal Guard will arrive on August 31, based upon previous announcements.

Ubisoft will share more information about Rainbow Six Siege on all platforms in the next weeks.

Rainbow Six Siege Crossplay Support is one thing not included.

R6 has been made a cross-generational game, but it does not permit PC gamers to share the console with them.

This isn’t likely to change, as Ubisoft provided this August update:

We believe in iterative development and deployment of features. Cross-play is being developed in this way. Up to now, all console generations (e.g. PS4 and PS5 can be played together. You can also play with your PC, Luna, and Stadia players. Crossplay is next on the horizon for all consoles.

Crossplay between consoles and PC is more complex than it seems. We want to ensure that we provide an enjoyable experience for the user before we activate it. This is not an issue of technical restrictions, it’s more about making sure that we can have greater control over cheating and toxicity, as well as the type of controllers.

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