Sonic and Tails join the Super Monkey Ball Gang to have a
Celebrate a special birthday bash

Sonic and Tails join the Super Monkey Ball Gang to have a Celebrate a special birthday bash

Hi everyone,

Today, we are very happy to announce that Sonic and Tails will be rolling intoSuper Monkey Ball Banana ManiaS on October 5!

Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania

Sega’s special Sega collaboration celebrates the 20th anniversary of Sonic The Hedgehog and Super Monkey Ball respectively (which actually have the same birthday on June 23rd!). Blue Blur, his sidekick and two-tailed companion speed through the Super Monkey Ball world in plenty of time to meet AiAi (and the monkey gang) for their latest adventure. Both characters are free and can be unlocked via normal gameplay.

Sonic fans love playing classic characters as they celebrate the character’s historic legacy. The authenticity of the game is enhanced by little touches such as Sonic’s Spin Attack, which he uses to increase his speed and replace AiAi with Sonic’s favourite bananas. These can both be obtained free of charge from the Super Monkey Ball Banana Maniapoint Shop by accumulating points through gameplay. The time required to unlock them will vary, but players should be able do so within 30 minutes.

Sonic and Tails are part of a star cast for Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania, which also includes Beat from Jet Set Radio as well as other yet to be revealed guest stars. S on Octoboer 5. Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania will also be compatible with Smart Delivery, so fans won’t have to purchase the game more than once.

Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania


As you try to stop Dr. Bad-Boon, a monkey mad scientist from destroying Jungle Island, roll through amazing worlds together with AiAi. As you roll, bounce, tilt and roll through hundreds of mazes and levels, join the star monkey team consisting of AiAi (MeeMee), Baby, YanYan, YanYan, GonGon and Baby. The gang is in it for the monkeys – you can play alone or with your friends to take out Dr. Bad Boon and steal your bananas back!

These are the features
* Super Monkey Ball Deluxe – Over 300 stage options from Super Monkey Ball 2, Super Monkey Ball 2 or Super Monkey Ball Deluxe.
Enjoy 12 minigames, including Monkey Racing and Monkey Soccer as well as Monkey Bowling and Monkey Baseball.
Compete with your friends to win the top ranking banana in our online leaderboards
You can form your monkey squad of 4 or more friends to help save Jungle Island.
Story Mode allows you to immerse yourself into the Super Monkey Ball universe with comic-book-style storytelling.
You want to be the most coolest monkey in the neighborhood? You can customize your Super Monkey Ball and character to make yours!

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