Taika Waititi gives first update on Akira live-action movie

Taika Waititi gives first update on Akira live-action movie

For around 20 years, the live-action Akira adaptation has floated around Hollywood. The latest director to be assigned the masterpiece is New Zealand’s Marvel stalwart Taika Waititi, whose instantly recognisable style could breathe new life into Katusihiro Otomo’s film – however, in the past few years, he hit a snag.

Waititi was very transparent about the fact that studios keep cancelling or pushing back Akira’s new version.

It was revealed that Waititi would be directing the film in 2021.

However, after Thor: Love and Thunder was announced, the movie was pushed back to allow him to meet his Marvel requirements.

In a fresh interview, the director gives his first update about the current version of Akira.

He stated, “I am still trying to make it.” That’s why I won’t give up. (Via Wired)

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Akira can be notoriously difficult to adapt for the big screen.

This film has many locations and supernatural elements. A large budget is required to make it.

James Gunn recently mentioned the adaptation, claiming Waititi pulled out of his new release, The Suicide Squad, after Akira got “greenlit”.

Waititi stated that Akira was “the whole thing stopped.” It was impossible to push the dates and the date for Thor [Love and Thunder] became immovable. Akira was forced to move two years later. (Via Variety

Director added, “Post-Thor. Also, I am not certain if I will be there in two years — I have no idea what I do in two days f *****g. It will eventually happen, I believe. It’s just something I don’t know if it will happen.

A live-action Akira must jump through many hoops, not least the approval of Otomo, the creator of the franchise.

In 2017, the artist stated that he had finished Akira’s manga as well as his own animated version. In that way, Akira is basically over for me. If you want to do anything with Akira, I’m generally okay with it.

“I accepted the invitation to make a live-action Akira, and I’m generally open to whatever they do with it.” One condition was that the live-action version must be approved by me.

Akira (1988) is available on Netflix.


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