The cast of 'The Office’ breaks down the filming experience
Meredith's hair is on fire

The cast of ‘The Office’ breaks down the filming experience Meredith’s hair is on fire

It was the night just before Christmas, and no one was awake except Meredith Palmer. Her hair was on fire.

Yes, Officefans. Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer chat about Season 5, Episode “Moroccan Christmas” (aka Meredith’s episode where her hair sets ablaze in the conference room). Oh, the memories.

Kim M. Ferry was a hairstylist that worked for The Office’s makeup and hair crews for eight seasons. She told Mashable, 2020, that the show featured some wild hair moments. If you have ever wondered about this fiery act, then you are in luck.

Fischer and Kinsey spoke with Randy Corday, a producer and Kate Flannery (Meredith), about the experience of filming this fiery hot scene. The scene featured a stunt double and a smelly hairstyle. It was also filmed by the Los Angeles Fire Department.

Meredith is set ablaze

Fischer began the deep dive by recalling the following scene: Meredith dances a storm in the conference hall and sets her hair ablaze. Dwight must rush to put out the fire with a fire extinguisher.

Kinsey stated, “We have much to share because this was one of the most amazing stunts we’ve ever done in the bullpen.”

“For sure. Fischer said that a person was “on fire”.

We learned this from an Office Ladies episode, where Meredith was hit by a vehicle. Flannery did many of her stunts while on the show. Flannery did this stunt with a double.

“This was one of my favorite bullpen stunts.”

First, we used a stunt double to help Kate. Marie Fink was her name. Scott Leva was our stunt coordinator on that day. He had to prepare for all of this. To ensure that this was done safely, he had to submit a complete plan to NBC Universal Safety Department. Safety officers were present on the set. Fischer stated that we had special effects personnel on the set and had [Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD]) on-set.”

Kinsey responded, “Kate stated that there were so many firefighters there that it took up a whole walls.”

Fischer explained that Paul Feig, the director and producer of this scene specifically set up Meredith dancing in the conference room alone. This was to increase safety. Marie was the stunt double and they dressed her in this fully fireproof bodysuit. This is called a Nomex. She wore a flame-proof headstocking and put on Kate’s clothes. These Nomex suits might be what race car drivers use to protect their cars from burning in an accident.

Ferry, our hairstylist, made a variety of wigs to suit the scene. Flannery had to use a burned wig for the remainder of the episode.

Kate shared her thoughts on these wigs with us, you guys. Kate replied, “Ange, these wigs were made from natural hair.” Then they burned them with fire. Kinsey replied, “I was forced to wear the most disgusting wig for the rest of my week, because you can smell the hair when it burns.”

Fischer said that the full body suit and fireproof headstocking were not enough. They also used a gel to flamify the hair and body of the stunt double. To set her hair ablaze, Fischer used a candle to light the room.

They did indeed have a double-act as Dwight. Shawn Crowder was his name. It was Rainn who actually did the job. Rainn came in, and set the fire extinguisher on fire.” Fischer stated.

“I know. Kinsey laughed and said, “I know. But Kate claimed he did. Kate then said that Marie had to be taken out for continuity. Kate returned with her burnt wig.

Rainn was forced to spray Kate with a real fire extinguisher because the smelly burned wig had assumed the same place as Marie. She continued, “So Kate was also hosed.”

According to reports, the scene was shot in one take which made it easy for all involved. Although Flannery was not able to share the screen with her stunt double, she did work together on Meredith’s very hot dancing moves.

Fischer stated, “Randy said that Marie and Kate got together and planned the moves.” “– To make Marie look like Kate with her dance moves. Kinsey agreed.

It looks completely spontaneous, and it is amazing. But they planned everything so it would work together. Fischer stated that they had been doing the exact same thing.

Merediths is a master at execution.

Listen to the complete podcast to hear more about behind-the scenes stories of filming “Moroccan christmas”.

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