"The game's over": The traffic light system might be'scrapped.
Expert predicts a September "September"

“The game’s over”: The traffic light system might be’scrapped. Expert predicts a September “September”

The ever-changing traffic lights list may be putting off holidaymakers who are looking for a vacation. It has changed from amber to green and then red rapidly. Yet, Simon Calder and Paul Charles shared their predictions for the future of the traffic light list on their Travel Radio show.

Currently, different quarantine and testing rules are in place depending on the category a destination is.

Even though a country may be on the greenlist and thus is not subject to quarantine, it is unlikely that these rules will change.

Travellers have had to fight to return home to France and Portugal in recent months. Often, it took only days for new flights to be available.

Simon is optimistic that the rules will be changed by September, but Simon does not give up.

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He explained that he thinks the traffic lights system could be scrapped, especially since the UK’s vaccination rate is so high.

It will be assumed everyone has been vaccinated, so wherever you go, even if you only have a small number of destinations, there won’t be any need for quarantine.

According to the travel expert, September will be a milestone date for open travel.

He said, “I think the UK is the best.

We have received such laborious explanations for why certain places were moved to other categories that they don’t seem to be in line with reality.

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“I believe everyone is exhausted. If they could just simply say, basically, go wherever you want but be prepared to be tested. You have to be completely jabbed. I think that’d be it.”

Paul Charles, the CEO of PC Agency, stated that he agreed with the change, but he thinks “October 1” is the crucial date.

He said, “I believe it could happen on October 1st which is the next milestone in the review for the travel Task Force.”

They always have to reveal something during these large reviews.”

According to the UK Government, currently there are 17 countries on the green watchlist and 20 on the green green list. This means that they “are at risk of changing from green to Amber”

The current quarantine policy for holidaymakers is not to apply upon their return from such destinations. However, they are required to pass a predeparture and second day of arrival test.

These rules apply to fully-vaccinated travellers arriving in the UK after completing their travels from any of the 133 destinations on the amber list.

For 60 countries, red list rules include mandatory hotel quarantine.

Charles thinks these rules need to be changed in favor of something closer to the US system.

He said that some have argued, along with myself, that the US should be followed outbound. This basically means that your full-jabbed citizens can travel wherever is allowed and that they then only need to take a predeparture screening when they return to the US.

It works in the USA, so it must work here.

“We use the same vaccines. Moderna and Pfizer are the only ones that might not be AstraZeneca.

The US seems to be moving forward. The US has found the happy middle between economic and health needs, which is what all airlines and travelers need.

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