Virgin Media boosts broadband as more houses get the ultimate
Download speeds

Virgin Media boosts broadband as more houses get the ultimate Download speeds

Virgin Media O2 has confirmed that it is bringing its speedy Gig1 broadband service to more homes across the UK. This telecoms company has announced it added one-and-a half million more properties to its ultimate service, which allows users download files 14 times faster than current UK standards.

Gig1 subscribers will have the ability to download a complete HD blockbuster movie in less than 40 seconds. A massive 50GB PS5 game takes just seven minutes. With a 70Mbps connection, that same title could take nearly two hours.

Virgin claims that the service is now available to more than 8 million customers, which makes it the UK’s largest gigabit broadband provider. Gig1 is now available in Bournemouth and Bristol as well as Northampton, Sunderland Wolverhampton Wigan, York, Northampton and Sunderland.

Virgin Media O2 also hopes to offer gigabit broadband speeds by 2021 across the entire network that spans more than 15,000,000 homes.

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Before you start getting too excited about the lightning fast downloads, it is important to remember that Gig1 does not come as a free upgrade. You will have to pay more for it.

Virgin charges approximately PS60 per month to use its Gig1 broadband. This is quite high considering that most Internet Servcie Providers provide slower downloads for a lower price.

It might be worthwhile if your home is full of people who download files and stream movies online, or make daily Zoom calls.

Broadband works in a similar way to a motorway. The more people that use it, the faster it will get. You will experience less buffering if you travel faster.

Lutz Schuler (Chairman of Virgin Media O2) spoke about the upgrade. He said that “We are upgrading Britain to next-generation connectivity” and that today, more than half our network is now capable to access gigabit speeds.

We are the UK’s biggest gigabit broadband provider and have a plan to link our whole network by the end the year. This will allow us to deliver most of the Government’s broadband targets ahead of time. Continual investment in the country is helping it climb the gigabit league table and provide consumers the connectivity that they require now and into the future.

Matt Warman, Digital Infrastructure Minister, said: “We have launched the largest broadband build in British History thanks to PS5 Billion of government funding and significant investment by telecoms companies.

Virgin Media O2’s ambitions to deliver lightning-fast gigabit connectivity across Britain to all communities are welcome. It will give the people the tools they need to stay on top of the digital revolution.

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