Warzone Season 5 update time delay? What is the release date?
Call of Duty Cold War patch

Warzone Season 5 update time delay? What is the release date? Call of Duty Cold War patch

Having provided a schedule for when each game would be patched, some last-minute changes have been made to the Warzone Season 5 release.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War would have been the first to get the update. Warzone updates were scheduled for August 12-2021.

Activision is now moving beyond its initial timeline. This means that Call of Duty Cold War will not receive its Season 5 update.

Gamers have noticed, too that the timer for Cold War Season 4 Battle Pass states now that it takes an additional 24-hours.

Does this mean that Call of Duty Warzone Season 5 is delayed?


Activision is not yet confirming any updates to the original launch schedule this week.

This means that the Call of Duty Warzone Season 5 Update time for Thursday August 12th is set at 5am BST unless anything is disclosed.

The Warzone Patch for Season 5 may arrive within the next hour, but that does not mean it will be available at the time previously stated.

It is possible for Call of Duty Cold War or Warzone Season 5 to be delayed, so it could happen that Call of Duty Cold War or Warzone Season 5 might start after August 12.

Another difference is the fact that Black Ops Cold War appears to be being updated simultaneously, which could lead to some server problems.

PS4 users can now preload the patch on their consoles. This will allow them to avoid queuing problems in the future.

Activision’s original message confirms the launch date. It reads, “Don’t fall for the mind games” Black Ops Cold War Season Five will go online on August 12. After updates to Black Ops Cold War (August 10th at 9PM PT) and Warzone (August 11th at 9PM PT), the official message from Activision said:

Perseus’ offensive continues after they emerge from the shadows, launching a direct attack on South Africa’s Ground Station and de-orbiting an American satellite constellation.

“Wraith gives Dragovitch his data stolen from Mount Yamantau Soviet Facility to a mystery operative along with information about the next stage of Perseus’s evil plan.”

Activision will share more information in the next hours regarding Warzone Season 5 launch, including any delays.

We will add the information to this article when we have more details about updates to the schedule.

The Warzone and Black Ops have four new weapons, which some will be accessible on Day One.

Many will need to wait to reach the right level, since they are tied to Battle Pass progress.

On August 12, the TEC-9 SMG and the EM2 Assault Rifle will be available for use. Activision has confirmed that there is a melee option.

EM2: Full-auto assault rifle. This rifle is a well-balanced British weapon with excellent firing control. Low-zoom optics improve accuracy. With reliable range, slower fire rate.

TEC-9SMG is a Semi-auto submachine guns. Higher accuracy at longer distances, with a slower firing rate and low recoil. With moderate range, this weapon can do good damage.

CANEMelee Weapon-The Cane is an effective bludgeoning weapon that’s as classy and deadly as it is elegant. This new melee weapon can be used to give your enemies some serious sorting. It will knock them unconscious by a single swing.

MARSHALSecondary Pistol: This double-barreled pistol can fire 12-gauge shells. You can do great damage from close range and have a one-shot kill chance.

Warzone Season 5 will see the Marshal available for unlocking, but it is unlikely that he will appear before September.

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