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Art of Rally: A Racing Game Made in a Van On an Epic North America Road Trip

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  • Art of RallyThis is an ode to rally driving’s golden age.
  • The original game was made during a North American road trip.
  • Art of RallyS, Windows 10 PC, and with Xbox Game Pass.

After years of hard work, it’s finally time to share the news that we have our second game.Art of RallyXbox Game Pass is now available for purchase today! It’s the spiritual successor to my previous racing game for those who enjoy it.Absolute drifta game that was first released for Windows & Xbox a few decades ago.

Art of Rally

Art of Rally a tribute to rally driving’s golden age. It allows players to travel around the globe to experience beautiful, peaceful environments that are inspired by locations in Finland, Sardinia and Norway. Most players won’t know that I developed the majority of the game driving through North America with my campervan, and then assembled a team to launch it.

Art of Rally

You might be familiar with a modern cargo van. I called it The Beluga, and converted it to an office-on wheels for most of my development. The wild was our playground. We gazed up at the vast skies and travelled across tranquil forests as well as through large deserts. It was the 6000km trip from Canada to Oaxaca in Mexico, which coincided with Hurricane Willa’s destruction of Sinaloa.

Art of Rally
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It was so important in my making of the game that I had to include it. You might find Art of Rally if you happen to be traveling down an untraveled road.

Art of Rally

This game was a great experience even though it has proved difficult technologically. S, Windows 10, and with Xbox Game Pass!

Art of rally

Funselektor Labs Inc.

PC Game Pass
Xbox Game Pass
Art …”is a dangerous way to express your style

Absolute Drift’s creator, art of rally, created a stylized version of the rally’s golden age.

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You can race across the globe in top-down perspective through stylized and colorful environments.
You can compete for the first position in leaderboards by completing daily or weekly challenges.

Are you able to master rallying?

You can experience the glory days of rallying in Career mode. This allows you to travel across 72 stages, including Finland, Sardinia and Norway.

You can take the controls of one of your favourite vintage cars from the 60s through the 80s.

All players have the option to choose from beginner-friendly driving options or more challenging driving modes. They can use their favourite rally driving techniques: counter steering, Scandinavian flick and handbrake turns.

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You can get your name on the Leaderboard for our weekly and daily challenges.

With the integrated photo and replay mode, you can show off your driving abilities or your favorite landscapes.

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