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Britney’s dad Jamie steps down to be conservator. Back at the ‘unjustified attack’

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Britney's dad Jamie steps down to be conservator.
Back at the 'unjustified attack'

This news is coming after Britney’s conservator Jodi Montgomery stated that Britney’s doctors and therapists felt it in Britney’s best interest for Jamie to be removed from her role as conservator.

Jamie has been trying to remove Jamie from her conservatorship for many years. He was recently called “abusive” by her.

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Britney (39) has been in a legal conservatorship from 2008.

Britney declared that the conservatorship had controlled all aspects of her life including birth control and medication. She also claimed she was able to get married. Britney even chose what color her kitchen cabinets could be.

Jamie Spears, who made explosive court claims about her mother, filed a petition for an investigation into her remarks.

Britney’s dad and team requested that the court investigate the “veracity of Ms Spears’ allegations and claims.” He has repeatedly denied them.

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Publiated at Thu, 12 August 2021 21.48:42 +0000

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