Drivers who are given an e-scooter warning of 29% do not realize they have been warned Public roads are not permitted to be used for their purposes.

JMW Solicitors conducted a survey of more than 1000 people to find out what laws e-scooters are subject to. Drivers could be surprised by an e-scooter on their roads. This can lead to accidents.

One of these is a boy aged 13 who, due to his reckless driving, narrowly avoided a collision with another car.

Richard Powell, Head, Personal Injury, JMW Solicitors said that riding an e-scooter on UK roads was against the law up to August 1, 2020, unless it was used on private property with permission from the landowner.

However, due to the rising popularity of the mode of transport, rental e-scooters were made legal. This was done in an effort to reduce public transport’s burden during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Safety concerns are a major concern with the rising popularity of escooters for tech-savvy riders looking to travel more efficiently.

Emily Hartridge, a YouTuber and YouTube star was tragically killed by an underinflated tire in an escooter accident. This incident highlighted how dangerous escooters can become.

The Department for Transport published guidelines for e-scooter rental companies that included a 15.5mph speed limit, but there’s not enough awareness among riders.

Survey results revealed that riders believe they should be given the same safety tips as cyclists (93%), while e-scooters need to use a helmet (88%) and high visibility clothing (74%).

Safety helmets are recommended for e-scooter riders. They protect the head from a range of injuries, and prevent injury caused by collisions.

For everyday riding, riders should always have a helmet on them.

It is dangerous to ride under the influence, and it can also be deadly for pedestrians.

JMW Solicitors stated that there’s no reason to use an e-scooter if you are drunk. Riders should also take alternate transport in order to prevent injury.

Tandem riders are another leading cause of accidents on an e-scooter. People should be discouraged from riding with more than one person.

Riders should conduct safety inspections before hiring an electric scooter. This includes a visual inspection.

You want your wheels to feel solid and have enough power. To ensure that you don’t run into trouble, the rider must always check the throttle and brakes.

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