Facebook presses for its office reopening by 2022

Chloe Meyere, a spokesperson for Facebook, stated that it is data, and not dates that drives the approach to returning to work. Our teams will be able to return to the US office in January 2022, despite recent data showing an increase in Covid cases using the Delta variant.
Meyere said that the new date for reopening will also apply to some countries other than the US.
Many tech companies that are the largest in the industry had previously set September as their target date to reopen. Now these companies are delaying those plans as concerns about the Delta variant increase and in some cases they’re requiring vaccinations for employees who are returning.
Facebook announced its decision just days after Amazon (AMZN), which said it wouldn’t bring back corporate employees until January 3, 2022, made similar announcements. Lyft, a ride-hailing company Lyft (LYFT), has delayed the reopening of its office until February 2. Other companies, such as Google (GOOGL), Apple(AAPL), Uber/UBER (UBER), and Microsoft (MSFT), are more patient. They have delayed their September reopenings to October.

Publiated at Thu, 12 August 2021 23.12:23 +0000

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