Facebook’s focus is on data, not dates, as it pushes its own products. Office return until January 2022


Facebook offices in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood. (GeekWire Photo / Kurt Schlosser)

Another year, another day.

Facebook joins a growing number of businesses that have pushed back the date when workers are expected to return to work. On Thursday, the tech giant announced that January 2022 will be its new target. Expedia Group and Amazon joined them.

Tracy Clayton, a Facebook spokesperson, stated in an email that data, and not dates are what drive our approach to returning to the office. Our teams from the U.S. won’t be required to return to the office after January 2022, due to recent data that shows rising COVID rates based on Delta variant.

Clayton stated that the guidance will be applicable to some other countries as well, and that Facebook would continue monitoring the situation.

Company requires that all employees who come to any U.S. office must be immunized.

Facebook has more than 7,700 employees in Seattle. They have large offices across Lake Washington and in South Lake Union. The company signed another office-space lease for a building in Bellevue’s Spring District in July.

The company announced that it had expanded its remote working program in June to include all employees. Remote work is available for anyone who can work remotely.

Earlier this month, Microsoft delayed its office return to the first week of October and said it would now require proof of vaccination for on-site work. Google is also requiring COVID-19 vaccines.

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