Google reduces the salaries of employees working from

Google reduces the salaries of employees working from Home

Google reduces the salaries of employees working from

Many companies are testing similar moves in Silicon Valley.

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The home office has revolutionized the cultures of companies both large and small. Many of these companies are currently testing hybrid models which allow employees to work remotely and go to their corporate offices.

It was an innovative idea to use telecommuting before 2020. In just one year, 88% of 800 HR executives surveyed redefined their workspace and required or encouraged staff to work from home.

The question now is whether or not to go back to work after the vaccination and the other variations of the virus. Also, how do employers view this new model? Information about Google’s policies was leaked during all of this.

According to the tech company, a calculator was created that allows employees to calculate what effect their remote work would have on their salary.

According to Reuters information, the salary cuts for workers at Alphabet’s subsidiary will range from 10% to 25%. Google isn’t the only tech company that has made such reductions. Microsoft, Twitter, and Facebook are all testing this idea.

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What do employees say?

A company employee, who requested anonymity, said that he travels from his home to get to work in Seattle. His salary would drop by 10% if the employee worked from home.

Although he had to drive two hours from his home to reach the office, the worker who tried telecommuting gave up. According to the employee, the reduction would amount to the same amount as what he received for his last promotion.

Google: What is it saying?

According to the spokespersons of the tech company, compensation is determined by where the employees work.

They also confirmed that people who choose to live and work remotely will not be subject to these cuts.

The salary for a Stamford resident who lives in Connecticut would drop by 15% if the employee works remotely. Other employees would have their salaries reduced between 5% to 10% in areas like San Francisco, Boston, and Seattle. According to Reuters, those working from home in New York City would not be subject to these readjustments.

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