Google removes thousands of apps and games from the Play Store There’s good reason.

SafeBettingSites highlighted the stats showing how many apps fell foul of Play Store guidelines.

To determine the extent of the Play Store app cull, the firm used Statista, AppBrain and Statista to do so.

In a post online, SafeBettingSites said this is all part of a quality control drive on the Google Play Store.

According to the site, “Over time, there have been a lot of apps available in the Google Play Store. Android users had the option to choose from 1.3 million applications in July 2014. This number nearly tripled by March 2018 and reached a record 3.6 million. The number of apps increased steadily, reaching over 3,000,000 by September 2020. After dropping to 2.8million in six months, it rebounded.

Google released policies that regulate developers to protect the trustworthiness and quality of apps in its app marketplace. Google Play has removed thousands of app-violating and low-quality apps every so often.

Publiated at Thu, 12 August 2021 07:07:41 +0000

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