India's biggest opposition is locked in Twitter

India’s biggest opposition is locked in Twitter Party

India's biggest opposition is locked in Twitter

Twitter locked Indian National Congress’ account for violating its rules.

Indian National Congress posted a comment on Thursday’s Twitter incident.

We were not afraid when our leaders were sent to jail. Why would we now be scared of shutting down our Twitter accounts? This is Congress. We will continue fighting for justice. We will continue to fight for justice for the victim of rape if it is considered a crime. Jai Hind… Satyamev Jaate,” it stated.

Rohan Gupta was the chief of Social Media for Congress. He claimed that Twitter took the action at the directive of Bharatiya Janata Party. The firm also had suspended the profiles of many of its senior leaders.

A Twitter spokesperson stated that the rules of Twitter are applied impartially and judiciously for all users.

We have already taken action against several hundred Tweets who posted images that were in violation of our Rules and we may continue doing so with the help of our wide range enforcement options. Some private data are more vulnerable than others. Our goal is to ensure that individuals’ safety and privacy. The spokesperson said that everyone should familiarize themselves with Twitter Rules, and to report any violation.

Twitter banned Rahul Gandhi’s account last week after he posted pictures of his family with a nine year old girl who had been raped, and then murdered. Soon after, the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (Indian statutory body) reached out to the company. They claimed that the tweets of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi violated privacy of minor victims.

This is Twitter’s latest problem in India. After months-long public discourse with the Indian government, Twitter finally complied with the South Asian nation’s new IT law, which went into effect in May, a lawyer for New Delhi said in a court Tuesday.

It is still a story in progress. There will be more to come.

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