Kevin Costner makes an epic entry onto the field at MLB’s Field The Game of Dreams

The first Field of Dreams Game was launched by MLB with a tribute in honor of the movie. The league did a fantastic job.

Kevin Costner was the star of the film and walked alone onto the Field of Dreams before the Yankees and White Sox squared off in the first regular-season match at Dyersville’s Field of Dreams. The cornfields surrounding the field were his entryway.

He made his way up to the mound and then turned around toward the outfield. The Yankees and White Sox players entered the field via the cornfield, just like Costner. This entrance was inspired by the famous 1989 movie where Costner’s characters first entered the baseball field.

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The entire introduction can be viewed via MLB’s official twitter account.

This scene will be a hit with movie fans. MLB was successful in capturing the magic of the film’s official broadcast. The introduction was widely praised both by MLB fans as well as media professionals on Twitter.

MLB is a spectacle that deserves an A+.

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