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Kyle Sandilands (50) says he could die in an instant. Shock diagnosis

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Kyle Sandilands (50) reveals that he could die immediately after receiving a shock diagnosis due to stress. This is despite all his attempts to lose weight.

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Kyle Sandilands is open and honest about his medical issues over the years.

And the radio presenter, 50, revealed his latest worrying diagnosis on The Kyle and Jackie O Show on Thursday.

Kyle stated that his doctor was “very concerned” about Kyle’s blood pressure and warned him that he might ‘die immediately’.

'You could instantly die': Radio host Kyle Sandilands said on Thursday his doctor was 'very worried' about him because his 'blood pressure is through the roof'

“You might instantly die”: Kyle Sandilands, Radio host, said that his doctor is’very concerned’ for him as his blood pressure has risen to the point where he could be killed immediately.

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Kyle said that he had been eating healthier lately, and even lost 6 kilograms. He dropped from 145 kg to 139kg.

“I saw the doctor yesterday, and he is extremely worried,” Kyle said. Kyle stated that he is on heavy blood pressure medication because he thinks he’s mad.

“Blood pressure remains high.” He was angry.

“Imagine the doctor putting pressure through a garden hose. The nozzle will then be inside your brain. Your blood vessels will explode and you’ll instantly die,” said the doctor.

Situation: Kyle stated, “I’m taking all the heavy blood pressure medication because I’m mad.”

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Kyle stated that his doctor told him to immediately de-stress in order to lower blood pressure.

He can’t relax because he is worried about his friend’s unwell wife.

Kyle assured him that he had not used cocaine for a while, and that his doctor even inquired about it.

Making changes: Kyle explained he'd been trying to eat healthy lately and had even lost six kilograms, dropping from 145kg to 139kg

Kyle explained that he had been making changes and lost 6 kg. He dropped from 145kg down to 139kg.

His host Jackie O’ Henderson, his cohost, said that she worried about Kyle and made the comment: “Weight goes hand-in-hand with health.”

She stated that she did not want him to feel stressed at work, and advised the producers to bring their best.

She said, “W e need to keep you calm & healthy.”

Concerned: His co-host Jackie 'O' Henderson said she didn't want him feeling stressed at work and warned the show's producers to be on their A-game

Concerned: Jackie O Henderson, his co-host said that she doesn’t want him to feel stressed at work. She also warned producers to bring their best.

Kyle said last May that he was at risk of death due to high blood pressure.

He said, “I could die” during a 60 Minutes interview. __S.34__

He told The Daily Telegraph in October 2019 that he had become healthier and stopped using excessive alcohol and drugs.

He said, “Now, if only I had one line of cocaine, I would be dead in five minutes.”

Worrying: Kyle revealed last May he could die any minute due to his sky-high blood pressure

Concern: Kyle said last May that his high blood pressure could cause him to die at any moment.


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