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Microsoft Issues Critical Windows 10 Warning – Update Your System Get your PC running immediately

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Microsoft Issues Critical Windows 10 Warning - Update Your System
Get your PC running immediately

Windows 10 users should make sure their devices are fully updated with the very latest patches from Microsoft. The Redmond firm has just released a number of upgrades that fix numerous bugs with some deemed so serious they have been given a “critical” rating.

Cyber criminals are exploiting this threat to make it the most hazardous. Microsoft confirmed that hackers have found a flaw in the Windows Update Medic.

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This new Windows 10 feature allows you to repair Windows Update components without having to do anything. This allows computers to continue receiving vital updates all the time.

Microsoft states on its status page that an exploit has been discovered for this vulnerability. Hackers are using it in the wild, although it’s not clear how many Windows users have been affected.

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The new patch fixes three zero-day vulnerabilities as well as a total 44 flaws. It’s worth it to check your computer.

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Aaron Drapkin from ProPrivacy, Digital Privacy Expert, said that Microsoft responded quickly to fix 44 security flaws which were before their update, exposing customers to dangers.

CVE-2023-6948 is a security flaw that has been exploited. It relates to a service called Windows Update Medic. Because it allows hackers to take control of entire user accounts, and make sure they don’t get followed while they’re doing so, this is often called a “privilege escalation weakness”.

Windows users should download any updates that are available as quickly as possible. You will have all of the vulnerabilities that existed before Windows fixed the problem.

It’s important to back up and make copies of your most valuable information before you update Windows. Although it is unlikely that Windows Updates will cause problems at any given time, some users have reported having issues with booting after an upgrade.

Publiated at Thu 12 August 2021, 08:35.25 (+0000).

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