Odeon Discount: See The Suicide Squad, Free Guy and More with Massive Savings

Cinema fans will love this month. Last week James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad was released to critical acclaim; rebooting the series from the previous 2016 movie. The movie follows the supervillains who have to take down The Thinker, an evildoer with dangerous intelligence who wants worldwide dominance. Antiheroes may not appeal to you, but Ryan Reynolds’ new comedy, Free Guy, will be released tomorrow, Friday, August 13, 2013. It is the story of a character from a videogame who discovers that reality isn’t always what it seems.


Odeon and Groupon are now offering cinema fans an incredible deal that will allow film buffs to get heavily discounted tickets.

By going to the Groupon website, movie lovers can purchase either a pair of tickets or five tickets at a discounted price.

Two tickets for Odeon are available at PS8.50 each and will be coming to PS17. This is without the PS1.90 booking fees.

Groupon offers two tickets to PS11 for no booking fees.

All tickets come in the form of online vouchers that can not be used in-store – book here to avoid missing out.


What’s more, Groupon’s Odeon discount also comes in batches of five, making the savings even larger.

Five tickets priced at PS8.50 are available for PS42.50 each on the Odeon site. However, the total price of the five tickets is almost PS50 due to the PS4.75 booking fee.

Groupon’s Five-Ticket Deal saves a lot of money for moviegoers. They can get the same amount of tickets on PS25 for almost half the price.

Groupon offers a luxurious viewing experience for viewers who want it. Book tickets by clicking here.


The discount company are also offering the same two ticket and five ticket deals for Odeon Luxe screens, priced at PS15 and PS35 respectively.

With “three times as much legroom” and more space, these screenings offer greater comfort and enjoyment for any movie.

If you want this amazing deal to be available, film fans need to act quickly.

The ticket deal does not have any film restrictions, but there is a time restriction.

Groupon’s Odeon deal runs until September 14, 2021.

Tickets purchased after the expiry date must be used or they become null.

What’s more, the ticket vouchers bought from Groupon can not be used for family tickets, 3D films, IMAX films, iSENSE, Gallery, Premier seats, D-box seats, love seats, club seats, super luxury seats or any other premium-priced seat.

However, there are many cinemas where tickets can be purchased.

Scroll down to see the complete list of Odeon screen this coupon is valid for.


The Odeon 2 or 5 (No Booking Fees) deals are available at these screens:

ODEON Andover ODEON Ayr ODEON Banbury ODEON Basingstoke ODEON Bath ODEON Birmingham New Street ODEON Blackpool ODEON Bournemouth ODEON Braehead ODEON Braehead ODEON Braehead ODEON Braehead ODEON Braehead ODEON Bridgend ODEON Brighton ODEON Bristol ODEON Camden ODEON Cardiff ODEON Chatham ODEON Chatham ODEON Cardiff ODEON ODEON ODEON Southwich ODEON ODEON Trowbridge Wells ODEON Weston Super Mare ODEON West Bromwich ODEON Weston Super Mare ODEON Weston Weston Weston ODEON Weston ODEON Weston ODEON Weston ODEON Weston ODEON Weston ODEON Wrexham Eagles Meadow, ODEON Wrexham Super Mare, ODEON Weston Weston Weston Weston Weston Weston Weston Weston Weston Weston Weston Weston Weston Weston Worcester, ODEON Weston Weston Weston Super Mare

The Odeon Luxe 2 or 5 (no booking fee) offer is available at these screens:

ODEON Luxe Aylesbury. ODEON Luxe Birmingham Broadway Plaza. ODEON Luxe Darlington. ODEON Luxe Derby. ODEON Luxe Dundee. ODEON Luxe Durham. ODEON Luxe East Kilbride. ODEON Luxe Edinburgh West. ODEON Luxe Edinburgh West. ODEON Luxe Leeds Thorpe Park. ODEON Luxe Leeds Bradford. ODEON Luxe Leeds Thorpe Park. ODEON Luxe Leicester. ODEON Luxe Tamworth.

Redeem deal here.

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