Record set by Victoria Derbyshire, red-faced
An embarrassing gaffe by BBC News goes viral

Record set by Victoria Derbyshire, red-faced An embarrassing gaffe by BBC News goes viral

Record set by Victoria Derbyshire, red-faced
An embarrassing gaffe by BBC News goes viral

BBC anchor Victoria Derbyshire has fronted some of the country’s biggest moments during political events. After an embarrassing encounter, Victoria Derbyshire has now spoken out live to the nation.

Victoria, 52 years old, was exposed during the 9am broadcast. The veteran journalist was behind the morning bulletin, but she was not visible as the camera paned through the studio.

She was seen standing behind a computer desk and bending her knees as the opening credits started to play for viewers.

Victoria disappeared as the credits approached. The broadcaster picked up Victoria’s heavy breathing and then she exclaimed, “Oh My God!” while appearing to still be struggling.

Victoria was able to enter the shot a few seconds later and said: “Sorry for that delay. Good morning.”

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Victoria went on Twitter after the news broke and revealed what had actually happened.

What is the matter @vicderbyshire? After he had seen the video, one social media user asked him a curious question.

Victoria replied, “Oh God! I couldn’t get on my very high heels,” along with a photo of her black stilettos.

Victoria was left with some regrets, but her supporters quickly responded to their concern and offered support.

Victoria then opened the program discussing the top news stories of the day, including GCSE result day, following the incident.

Today, marks are being awarded to 15- and 16-year olds across the country. This surpasses all previous records.

It was estimated that the top grades, including A*s, rose to 28%, while 4s/Cs, or higher, rose to 71%, despite disruptions from coronavirus.

Teachers submitted grades to students based upon evidence like mock exams, coursework, and in-class testing.

Overall, 29% of UK GCSE entry were granted one of three highest grades. This is an increase of 2.7 percentage points over last year, when 26.2 percent achieved top grades. Figures for England, Wales, and Northern Ireland are shown.

When exams last took place in 2019, only 58% of applicants achieved at minimum a 7. This is equivalent to an A grade.

Ofqual figures show that there has been an increase in the number 16-year old pupils from England who have taken seven or more GCSEs, and earned a 9. This is the highest numerical grading scale grade in any subject.

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