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UK is ranked second in the travel cost test costs surpassing Spain & Turkey

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UK is ranked second in the travel cost test
costs surpassing Spain & Turkey

Around the globe, governments enforce testing regulations for anyone who wants to travel across their borders. A new study has shown that the UK is charging more to its citizens for PCR testing than France, Spain, Greece and Turkey.

Only the US beat UK, with tests averaging at PS119.

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The cost of this service increases to PS237 per couple, and PS476 for four people.

Portugal was ranked as the third most expensive country in the survey.

According to experts, the cost of these tests was around PS85 per test.

France and Turkey were, however, at the lower price end of the spectrum.

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The average travel PCR cost in France was PS42.

This cost can be halved in Turkey where the test averages PS21 per person.

Cosmin Sarbu is head of Admiral’s travel insurance. She said that prices for PCR testing vary widely between countries. “Our research also shows that UK residents tend to pay more than people who live abroad for the same test.”

Spain was fourth, with Germany, Jamaica and Greece coming in at sixth, seventh, and eighth, respectively.

These countries had an average test cost between PS57 and PS69.

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Italy and The Maldives ranked eighth and ninth, respectively. The average test cost in Italy was around PS51 per individual, while in The Maldives it was PS47.

This research is being done amid increasing calls to lower the price of PCR travel tests.

Rory Boland (Which? Rory Boland, Which? The high cost of testing has been repeatedly pointed out, which prevents some from making essential overseas trips or anticipating long-awaited vacations.

The government should urgently consider ways to lower the costs of testing. Meanwhile, the Competition and Markets Authority needs to complete its market review quickly and pursue any companies that are charging unreasonable or misleading prices.

Although no decision has been made on price reductions in the industry, Admiral’s expert says there are ways to make money while you wait.

Research and planning are the keys to success.

Sarbu advised that Britons must do extensive research before booking any holiday. This will ensure they are following all the rules in the destination and complying with the testing requirements.

It is also a good idea to book the PCR test as quickly as you can to ensure that all the paperwork required before departing.

To save money, you can compare prices from UK-approved providers. This will ensure that you are paying the right rate for your service and not overpaying.

A bundle that covers all travel requirements abroad can help you save money. Shopping around for the best deals is the best way to shop, whether it’s with your airline or holiday provider.

To avoid getting scammed or being taken advantage of, make sure the provider has been properly licensed before you book tests.

Publited at Thu, 12 August 2021 12:36.12 +0000

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