Video: BMW Group Classic looks at the original MINI Cooper S GP

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If you’re looking for a MINI that has the GP badge, the configurator offers a monster 300 horsepower model. It was made in limited quantities to satisfy your desire for FWD performance. This power was not available in the GP MINI’s original form. The GP MINI is the third generation of this high-performance hot hatch. MINI initially didn’t intend to release a GP model, but they were inspired by the success of the Cooper S special edition with the GP package.

This video shows a MINI S, which was the very first MINI ever manufactured after BMW acquired the brand in 2001. It is a Cooper S, with JCW GP added. That’s what it means. As you might expect, the engine has more power, and there is also a heavier body. There were only 2,000 such modified MINIs ever made, and this video shows the 719th one.

To be more precise, the JCW GP model lost about 40 kilos compared to the regular Cooper S version. There are also two other very important differences to note here, compared to the current version. First of all, the 1.6-liter engine under the hood was supercharged, not turbocharged, which means it has a specific sound when you really wind it up. Second: it was only available with a manual gearbox. Something you simply can’t get on the JCW GP now.

The sound deadening was responsible for most of the weight reduction. This means that you will hear lots of strange sounds while driving this special car. This car has 218 horsepower and can easily be driven on curvy roads. You will have the time of your life. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get one for under $100.

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