Warzone Anti Cheat News coming with the Call of Duty Cold War Season 5 Update

Developers Raven Software has confirmed a new ban wave that has removed thousands of accounts from Call of Duty Warzone ahead of Season 5.

It has been done many times before and has not stopped cheaters from continuing to cheat.

Fans have high hopes for the future, as they share something new this time.

Raven Software shared its latest set-up to stop cheating accounts and also revealed that there were more future plans.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that we will receive additional Warzone Anti Cheat support in Season 5. However, there is a chance of another announcement.

Raven Software sent a message saying: “Today, we have banned more than 50,000 accounts from Warzone.”

We are attentive and working hard behind the scenes. Soon, we will provide more information.

Rumours have circulated that Call of Duty’s new anti-cheating support has been in development since 2020.

We don’t know much, but there is a possibility that Warzone Anti Cheat might arrive during Season 5. This season will likely last several months.

Gamers will still be able play Warzone Season 5 on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 before it all happens.

Call of Duty Warzone Season 5 Update will launch in 24 hours, Friday August 13, being the planned release date.

COD Season 5 will begin at 5 a.m. BST. Gamers on all platforms can access the game simultaneously.

Raven is also teasing its next event. It will revolve around Verdansk’s Red Doors.

“Whatever Perseus broadcast is making the Red Doors more volatile than ever, and Operators now report [[REDACTED]] in post-mission briefings.

Be aware that these doors could send you to other locations than the one we thought was its destination. Keep your head above water.

This event could also be related to the Mobile Broadcast Stations that were seen in Verdansk… however, at the moment we are unable to declassify any more information for fear of double agents.

This network of clandestine entities deployed Mobile Broadcast Stations in Verdansk to help Stitch or Perseus create a new world order.

These mobile stations, as their name implies, can be located in many locations in Verdansk. They offer rewards that vary from match to match, so no one area is signaled boosted. You can see what these stations are all about by getting closer. But, be careful not to lose your mind and listen to the broadcasts each one emits.

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