Xbox Game Pass doesn’t offer a free item for Games with Gold.

The Xbox Game Pass is the subscription service that gets the most love from Microsoft, and there are even rumours that the tech giant is planning to get rid of Xbox Live Gold and Games with Gold with it.

Xbox Game Pass is the place to be for some of the most exciting games. It offers a wide variety of genres and gaming experiences.

However, both subscriptions share one thing: The Xbox Free Play Days program.

Microsoft offers free play days to gamers with Xbox Game Pass or Xbox Live Network subscriptions. This allows them to test out complete games without any cost.

These are only for a limited time, however, they provide the complete experience.

The latest game event features a new genre of video games that aren’t being properly supported on Xbox Game Pass or Games with Gold.

Free Play Days include two Xbox Game Pass games, but it also includes AO Tennis 2.

According to the Xbox Game Pass Library search there is no Tennis game currently available.

Battlefield 4 und Neon Abyss are both available already on XGP. They are totally redundant for subscribers.

This weekend is the ideal time for you to hit the courts and test your skills with fast volleys.

AO Tennis 2 received average reviews, but it does provide some interesting gameplay not available in Games with Gold and Xbox Game Pass.

Big Ant’s renowned content editor is back and players can customize every aspect of their game using it again.

“Also, all the content shared and created by users from the 2018 first match will be accessible in AO Tennis 2 This means that there are more than 20,000 tennis players, and many courts available for fans to enjoy the sport.

AO Tennis 2 can be downloaded and played for free with the correct subscription to Xbox One or Xbox Series X.

In the UK, gamers will be able to take AO Tennis 2 for a free test period that ends on August 16.

Games with Gold will release two new free downloads, Yooka Laylee & Garou: Mark of the Wolves, as part of its Games with Gold series.

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