BT offers every Sky Sports channel on PS1 – but beware One big catch

Sky Sports is the perfect choice, with the Premier League in full swing and Formula 1 turning into the best season for years. Sky Sports is a premium service that offers a wide range of live football, including the opening match between Brentford and Arsenal tonight. It is also the only place where you can view every F1 race in real time without having to wait for highlights.

Of course, signing up to Sky is never going to be cheap but BT has a very enticing offer that allows customers to access all of the upcoming action for just PS1 thanks to a deal on its Big Sport bundle.

You’ll receive channels such as Sky Sports Main Event and Sky Sports Premier League, Sky Sports Football and Sky Sports F1 for your money.

You thought it was great? BT TV features more than just BT Sport and Eurosport action, so you can also watch the Champions League games and Premiership Rugby matches.

You can view the BT DEAL HERE

All of it for only PS1 per Month sounds too good to be true. But, as with most things, there’s a catch.

BT claims that its Big Sport + Fibre 2 broadband customers will pay only PS31.99 per monthly. All of the channels are included, as well as a set-topbox and broadband speeds up to 67Mbps.

This bargain bundle is only valid for 3 months. Users will then be charged full PS70.99 to continue the 24-month-long contract.

This means that you will pay a total of PS1,585 over the course of two years.

How does it compare with other providers?

Sky currently offers access to all its channels, BT Sport and BT Sport at PS65 per month. However, this does not include broadband access.

You can also switch to NOW, formerly known as NOW TV. Sky’s owned firm offers Premier League and F1 action at a low cost of PS19.99 per calendar month to all who sign up for its broadband services.

Finally, Virgin Media reckons it’s got the best deals of everyone with the firm recently boasting that it is the cheapest place to watch all of the Premier League and Champions League action.

According to the firm, customers who sign up for Bigger + Sport will be able to save more than PS300 compared with similar packages offered by Sky or BT Sport.

Virgin claims that the Bigger + Sport package with Sky Sports channels, HD and Sky will cost customers only PS76 per month. It also includes BT and Sky services. Virgin says that a similar plan with Sky costs PS94/month, while BT offers something comparable for PS84.99.

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