Daily Crunch: Three US Senators Ask Amazon How Biometric Payments Work System will manage customers’ palm prints

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Welcome to Daily Crunch, August 13th 2021. Everyone, we made it! We are all very proud of you! We still have plenty to discuss, despite it being the last day of the week. Reddit takes on TikTok. Changes in valuation in key startups sector What it could really mean to have a workplace that is apolitical. Let’s talk, friends! — Alex

TechCrunch Top 3

  • Reddit joins TikTokTikTok recently announced it would be changing its control systems to improve its service.a bit less addictiveYou can find out more. The social video platform works well on its own, but other companies are looking to compete with it. Reddit joins YouTube, Snap and other companies in this war. It’s hard to imagine where Reddit will end up when it has finished expanding its feature list.
  • Publicly criticized, but privately lovedInsurtech companies who went public last year enjoyed a high level of success while remaining private. They also had very reasonable IPOs. Their valuations were thenIt began to fallAnd fall. Und auch zugrunde. UndFall some moreYou can read more at www.. TechCrunch examines the current state of affairs and its implications for startups.
  • But what does it actually mean to be a political?Mandy Andress, an Elastic executive, explores the issue in a new essay. She asks, “What does that look like for me as a LGBTQIA+ person working in a workplace that bans politics?”


  • Latin American fintech stays busy:Uala has received $350 million in Series D funding, which values Uala at $2.45 Billion. This Argentine-based company develops personal financial products. The new round, which saw the multi-unicorn valuation of Uala, helps to show just how globally global fintech is.
  • Gopuff for Latin AmericaOrchata recently raised $4 million of new capital. Orchata wants to recreate the Gopuff magic, but further south than the U.S.-based company. We are counting down to the arrival of the second Vision Fund, which will pour money into the pockets of Gopuff’s Y Combinator-backed startup.
  • Rapid ARR growth helps Kiddom raise more funds:According to our reporting, Kiddom is a platform that “offers a digital curriculum that meets the core standards required of states.” It’s growing fast. Natasha reported that Kiddom’s average revenue per head increased by 300% between 2020 and 2021. This rapid revenue growth helped Kiddom secure a $35 Million Series C.
  • The benefits of reskilling are hugeRetrain.ai has just received $7 million from investors. This startup uses AI and ML “help governments and organisations retrain, upskill and enable diversity initiatives and help employees, job seekers, and manage their careers.” Particularly as I read about robot blogging that is going to replace me.
  • Tablevibe wants restaurants to pay less for delivery appsFood is hard. Margin is low. Customers complain. Staffing is a problem lately. Tablevibe helps with one specific vector of restaurant pain: how much restaurants pay Uber Eats and DoorDash to deliver their food to customers. Any initiative that helps small businesses is a good thing. We should get more information from the company at demo day, as they were part of the current Y Combinator cohort.
  • Equity has a roundup of the week’s startup news. Enjoy!

Salesforce+ could have more to it than meets the eyes with its video streaming service.

Salesforce this week announced plans for a video streaming platform.

Ron Miller, an enterprise analyst who interviewed industry reporters Ron Miller said that the initiative had tremendous potential. However, one pointed out that Salesforce would need to work hard to be competitive in today’s highly saturated media environment.

Although Salesforce has not yet released any details about the programming that it will offer, given its large and varied customer base, there are plenty of options. Brent Leary, CRM Essentials said:

Customers could advertise on shows, sponsor them or collaborate with them. You can also track the ROI and generate leads from your show. It’s all possible on one platform. The ads live on alongside the content.

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Big Tech Inc.

  • Facebook takes privacy stand:Facebook continues to make inroads as Apple struggles for privacy-first tech leader status. It is a kind of. TechCrunch says that the company now offers Messenger voice and video calling with end-to-end encryption. It’s good.
  • Lawmakers ask Amazon what it plans to do with biometric data:Congress was captivated by Amazon’s plan to gather palm prints in order to sell brick-and mortar stores. Don’t be alarmed, there aren’t many megacorps that have abused citizens’ privacy. Right? You are right?
  • Today’s news is over.Twitter’s Indian head is leaving for the States to take up a new position. Twitter and India have been fighting for quite some time, with the Indian government trying to intimidate American companies. This is quite gross and Manish Maheshwari has decided to shake up his job. While regulations are fine, it’s not right to harass employees and abuse them for political purposes.

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