Electric cars might have higher speed limits Are there highways?

The world’s governments are working together to find ways to increase electric car sales, decrease emissions and make the automotive industry more sustainable. Although there are more pressing issues than just the car, climate change is a bigger issue. But that’s another conversation. The fact is, we must switch to electric cars sooner rather than later. One way to encourage that change might be to set speed limits.

Rory Reid, an Auto Trader UK video producer talks about how electric vehicles could be allowed to travel at higher speeds on motorways and highways. This video is well worth the time, and it makes some strong arguments in favor of increasing speed limits for electric cars.

Austria has already done this. In certain areas, the motorway speed limit is 100 km/h (62 mph) for all internal combustion vehicles. While the speed limit, in those same areas, for electric vehicles is 130 km/h (81 mph). The reasons for this are two-fold. For starters, the reduced internal combustion speed limit reduces CO2 emissions. Simply put, the faster you go, the more gasoline (or diesel) you burn, therefore the more emissions you put out. However, since electric vehicles produce no emissions while driving, there’s no reason to limit their speed.

In certain locations, Wales did something very similar recently. Studies in Austria as well as Wales have proven that the air quality in both countries has significantly improved in just a few years, which is consistent with this theory. We might see similar laws elsewhere.

Not only does a plan like this help clean up the environment on its own but it incentivizes buying an electric car over an internal combustion car. As it turns out, the most emissions-friendly speed an internal combustion engine can go is around 55 mph. Which is why it makes sense for most highway speed limits to be set for 55 mph. However, if electric cars were allowed to go 70 mph or even 80 mph, customers might find them far more attractive, especially those who commute far distances for work.

You could be offered the option of buying an electric car or an internal combustion engine and driving at 55 mph. This gives you the freedom to choose between internal combustion and electric. You can also get rewarded for your good deeds. You can go electric faster! Sounds like a no brainer.

Publited Fri, 13 August 2021 at 18:25.04 +0000

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