Elvis: Dad Vernon’s tribute to Elvis. “Everyone rejected him, but he refused change.”

Elvis’ death on August 16th 1977 shocked all who knew him. He was due to return to America on tour that same day. A major television special, which featured new footage from recent concerts as well as interviews with his closest friends was being made. It was only two months later that nobody knew what it would lead to. Vernon was very proud of his son and recalled his first singing contest as a child. He also spoke out about how Elvis failed to get into local singing groups, before becoming a sensation on his own.

Elvis was the most famous star of the 20th century, and his father stated that he didn’t change his views on people. He was sure very content with all his successes and the many other things that happened to them… But it did not make him feel like he was anything that he wasn’t.

Vernon described Vernon’s earliest indications of his future in showbusiness as “He was nine years.” This was an elementary school contest. Third prize was won by him singing Old Shep. He couldn’t play any type of music at that point (with an instrument). “He just sang the song. That was all.

All of us know how Elvis grew up, but Vernon revealed to us that nobody initially wanted him.

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Vernon shows his fans the Graceland “Trophy Room”, where he proudly displays the remarkable achievements of his son, Elvis.

The moment when his son was a teenager, he told his parents all about his stardom dreams. __S.17__

Vernon stated that Vernon called him into his bedroom shortly after leaving high school. He said, “I want to become an entertainer.” “


Vernon talked about how Elvis was always different from others: “Well in some ways, and some clothes he wore were different. You can see that his hairstyle was very different from what it was back then.

He was constantly criticised about this, but it didn’t bother him. He didn’t alter it, and continued to do the same (keeping it) as it was.

Although it seems incredible, Elvis was rejected by local bands when he auditioned.

Vernon said that he had been more into gospel and quartet singing at the time. He tried to join two or three young groups, but they weren’t full.

Vernon spoke about how Elvis built his local fanbase before he became a national celebrity in 1997. The debut single That’s All Right, was released July 19, 1954. It did not chart in the United States, but it was a big hit here, with over 20,000 copies sold and it reaching Number Four on Memphis’s charts. Local shows saw a rapid rise in Hysteria.

Unsurprisingly, those same groups suddenly wanted Elvis after all, but he ultimately decided to front his own outfit.

Venon stated that Elvis started in 1954 and continued through 1955. He did well locally, Arkensaw, Texas Mississippi… just traveling the country. This is where he met Colonel Parker. He was booking shows throughout Florida in 1955, when Colonel Parker met him. Parker had an offer for a Grand Ole Opry star package, so he booked Elvis using that …”.

Vernon stated, “They realized that there had to be enough security to protect the crowd. He couldn’t perform and put on a show if he didn’t have enough security. He would be rushed to the front of the crowd before he could finish.

He told me of an incident where he sang part of a song, and then had to get off the stage. They tore down the stage so he didn’t return.

Elvis’s enthusiasm and dedication would last for the next 20 years.

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