Everything you need to know about them, from how much they cost to how long their stay lasts. You must be aware of penalty points

Many drivers will travel to the summer vacation destination with estimates that around 29 million people will take the road. Another 1.3 million drivers will be driving this year due to a large backlog of driving test cancellations after the many lockdowns.

You can keep points on your driving record between 4 to 11 years. However, they will not affect the driver for the entire penalty period.

Points are not valid for the entire endorsement period. A four-year endorsement can only be valid for three years.

If points are valid, they may be used in court to count the points and determine if a license should be suspended.

All points must be considered seriously, even though they may be visible by future employers or insurance companies.

A Band B disqualification can lead to four to six points and a driving ban for between seven to 28 days. It could also result in a loss of up to 100 per cent of a person’s weekly earnings.

Drivers who are put in Band C can get six points and between one and eight weeks disqualification. They also face a fine of 150 per cent of their weekly earnings.

Do you know of any speeding laws?

A loophole could be the possibility to take a speed awareness class instead of the course.

This scheme is for motorists who are guilty of minor offenses. Most people qualify if they’ve not attended speed awareness courses in the past three years.

Are you required to inform your insurance company about points immediately?

While most require you to report any points you have received during your renewal, others state that you should tell them immediately after you are convicted.

It is unlawful to fail to comply with this requirement.

Is it possible to pay for points to be removed from your driving license?

They do not have to be disposed of.

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