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John Lydon, Sex Pistols founder, speaks out about caring for a wife Alzheimer’s: ’24/7 attention’

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John Lydon, Sex Pistols founder, speaks out about caring for a wife
Alzheimer's: '24/7 attention'

John Lydon, Sex Pistols’ star, says that caring for Nora (his wife with Alzheimer’s) makes them love one another more. He revealed to his wife Nora, a 65-year old singer who was part of the 1970s punk rock band Johnny Rotten that he needs his constant attention. This can prove both mentally and physically demanding.

John, now 78 years old, has dedicated himself to Babbie (his wife), since her diagnosis.

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They were married in 1979 and have been together 45 years.

According to the musician, he was worried that his wife would be left in Los Angeles next month as he embarks on a book tour throughout the UK.

His new album, I Could Be Wrong. I Could be Right, touches on some of his worries.

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It’s going to cause a lot more heartache. Monitors are essential in my home. It will be difficult to leave the house for long periods of time. I must make it as short as possible, he wrote. The Mirror reported.

It’s impossible to take domestic situations on the road. John said that he tried it and everyone was insane.

He continued to state that his wife needed “24/7 attention”.

John said, “This is my duty and it’s all I can do.”

John shared his personal story about caring for his wife, and the impact it had on his health during an earlier appearance on ITV’s Loose Women.

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It’s physically and mentally exhausting to the point that I don’t get any sleep at night. She’s still happy.

“Nora always has a great sense of humor. Brit Box is a great way to keep us all together. He said that it was a great gigglefest.

He said that his wife needed to be able to accept carers for a longer period of time so they could become comfortable with them.

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